Pop up windows

  1. 6 months ago


    25 Feb 2017 User since 2016

    Good morning,
    Will there be pop up windows in v1.0 ? (Better yet in b6 )
    Also can swift plugs ins be available ?

  2. marco

    16 Mar 2017 Administrator User since 2016

    Popup windows will be in b6.
    Plugins support will be available after final 1.0.

  3. 3 months ago


    May 31 User since 2016

    pop up window ?

  4. marco

    May 31 Administrator User since 2016

    Yes, it is something we are working on...

  5. marco

    Jun 15 Administrator User since 2016

    @Joel_Eisenstat alerts will be available in the next upcoming beta release

  6. Joel_Eisenstat

    Jun 15 User since 2016

    Great news, not to be too " piggish" about it but can it be used for pick lists, etc ,
    aside from alerts ?

  7. marco

    Jun 15 Administrator User since 2016

    We'll offer basic settings in this first version then we'll enhance it in order to be able to use any control inside the Alert.

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