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  1. 5 months ago


    May 27 User since 2016

    Is a refresh ( I recall a reload dataset somewhere) for a Postgres db as opposed to your example SQLite for loading
    detail data. I followed your example but the detail page is not displayed.
    Window1 tableView : DidSelectCell
    Window2.identifier = cell.identifier;;
    Window2 WillShow
    var sql = "SELECT * FROM public.CRM_Pat WHERE rowid=\(self.identifier)";
    var rs =;

    lastnameText = rs.lastname;
    firstnameText = rs.firstname;
    patimage = rs.patimage
    Window2 property identifier
    No Errors

    Also I noticed with Creo Player I can load the AWS db on the wifi associated with the Creo app ( way cool) but not with another wifi network.
    Thanks again ( as it is likely something simple and/or dumb on my part )

  2. Joel_Eisenstat

    May 27 User since 2016

    in looking over past projects there was a ".reloadData()" method but it now generates an error -
    //unable to find reloadData into class MasterTable //

  3. marco

    May 27 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @Joel_Eisenstat please take a look here:
    The method has been renamed to reload(true); (with a boolean parameter).

    Not sure to understand the WiFi issue.
    Can you please give me more details?

  4. Joel_Eisenstat

    May 27 User since 2016

    The test project is a table with custom view loaded with AWS Postgres ( 237 records. )
    The db appears fine with the Creo simulator and Creo Player on both an iPadPro and iPhone when the same WiFi network as the development environment. On a different network/WiFi the table appears with no data i.e. empty. Same when using the LTE network.

  5. marco

    May 27 Administrator User since 2016

    Seems like you have some IP address access restriction on that database, isn't?

  6. Joel_Eisenstat

    May 28 User since 2016

    Not that I am aware of, made the vpc public access for this type of testing but will verify my settings.

  7. Joel_Eisenstat

    May 28 User since 2016

    My AWS network settings have Publicly Accessible as Yes. I assume this allows multiple WiFi network access but I am still not completely familiar with the VPV Subnet group settings which are set to Default.

  8. marco

    May 28 Administrator User since 2016

    Please let me know what you discover...

  9. Joel_Eisenstat

    May 30 User since 2016

    In setting an AWS Postres instance within a vpc it defaults to a standard security setting which somehow restricts going outside the ip addresses (the ip /local WiFi the instance used in setting up ) .
    From what I see in the documentation other vpc security settings are to be added with rules for public access . I need a course after I learn Gravity...

  10. marco

    May 30 Administrator User since 2016

    Very good news @Joel_Eisenstat, thanks!

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