1. 5 months ago


    May 31 User since 2016

    Good afternoon,
    In trying to use a common header with a Custom view there seems to an offset when it is placed in the View
    The CustomView is width 1024 height 300 but when placed in the View Control with same WH it is offset by ~ 100

  2. Joel_Eisenstat

    May 31 User since 2016

    Offset is 44 - top bar

  3. marco

    Jun 1 Administrator User since 2016

    Have you setup constraints?
    Looks like you need to attach the header on top:

  4. Joel_Eisenstat

    Jun 2 User since 2016

    Good morning,
    I haven't used constraints yet but will take a look now. Assumed the custom view 0,0 would align with the
    0,0 edge of the View control.

  5. marco

    Jun 2 Administrator User since 2016

    A CustomView is always resized/moved according to the View that contains it, so you need to setup proper constraints.

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