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    Fri Oct 20 06:41:21 2017
    marco started the conversation Creo beta 1.0b15.

    We just released Creo 1.0 beta 15 with a lot of fixes and improvements.
    CreoPlayer has also been updated to version 1.0.13.
    Complete version history is available here .

  2. 6 days ago
    Mon Oct 16 11:59:32 2017
    marco posted in Pop up windows.

    Hi @Joel_Eisenstat, what exactly would you need in a popup?

  3. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Oct 7 07:48:19 2017
    marco posted in CustomViews.

    Hi @Joel_Eisenstat this happens when very old projects are used with the latest Creo versions.
    As you pointed out, the workaround is to select an object inside the CustomView.
    We are investigating the issue but I am not sure to be able to fix it in the next beta.

  4. 3 weeks ago
    Fri Sep 29 06:21:26 2017
    marco posted in Creo beta 1.0b14.

    Hi @Roayati and thanks a lot for your message, I carefully read it and I really appreciate your honesty.

    Today development tools are mainly divided between two main categories: on one side there are pro tools like Xcode or Android Studio which requires a lot of technical skills ad time and on the other side there are over-simplified solutions that are not really able to produce more than simple apps without a real market.

    We think that there is a lot of space between the two sides and that's the reason why we created Creo.
    Creo must be simple enough to be able to solve the most common problems in few clicks but it should also be flexible enough to be able to create ANY kind of apps (and not just a limited subset).

    Few days ago an user requested a way to give his users the ability to sign directly from the app he was developing, that's the reason why we created the Freehand Drawing tutorial. With 9 lines of code he is now able to add that functionality to his app. 9 lines of code is a ridiculous amount of code if you think a bit more about it.

    Once the Freehand Drawing view has been developed we can reuse it in other projects or even better we'll soon release a built-in marketplace inside Creo where developers and designers will be able to share their solutions. So most of the time you can just select the module or feature that you need more.

    No one can create a tool that can solve all the needs for each designer or developer, but we really think that Creo has the right balance to be able to solve most the app development requirements.

  5. Tue Sep 26 14:58:08 2017

    Hi @Yugo,
    in the next upcoming version we'll add a lot of properties to the date object so you'll be able to access date information using a syntax like:

    var d = Date();
    var h = d.hour;
    var m = d.minute;

    For the other requests please describe us what you would like to achieve and we'll try to help you.

  6. 4 weeks ago
    Fri Sep 22 07:12:00 2017

    Hi @Yugo, just set the following values in the DatePicker inspector:
    Show: Date
    Locale: French

  7. Thu Sep 21 07:52:06 2017
    marco posted in AR Capabilities.

    Hi @Shot we'll add ARKit capabilities (which will replace our built-in AR module) in a future release.

  8. 5 weeks ago
    Sat Sep 16 07:17:47 2017

    Hi @TheMexican what about using the isConnected property?

  9. Fri Sep 15 06:49:14 2017
    marco posted in sample project not found. thanks for the report, issue has been fixed and you can now download the projects.

  10. Thu Sep 14 22:37:36 2017
    marco posted in Use of iPad Pro Pencil.

    @Valdemar my fault, I forgot to add a step to the tutorial.
    Make sure to check the "User Interaction" flag (and to uncheck the Multiple Touch option) for each OvalShape, like in the attached screenshot.

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