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  1. 2 months ago
    Wed Dec 13 14:25:43 2017
    andrea posted in Arrange objects.

    Grouping controls is a planned feature and it will be available in the near future.
    Creo has no limitations about the number of objects per window/view (double check the runtime memory requirements on the iOS device).

  2. 4 months ago
    Mon Sep 25 08:31:50 2017
    andrea posted in Keypath.

    Hi @Joel_Eisenstat ,
    We may expose in a future release the "index" property for the View control to choose the index value from a dataset (like the "index" property of the PageContainer).
    For now, you can set the property of the View programmatically (you must remove the DataSet from the View in your WindowX):

    WindowX.View1.exposedPropertyCustomer = DB.Query.stringValue(columnIndexOfTheCustomerName);

    Let me know if you need any further information.

  3. Fri Sep 22 08:22:08 2017

    Hi @Yugo, the date picker should use the date format defined by the locale but, because of a bug, the design board and the simulator are showing the "month day year" format for all the locales. We will fix this issue as soon as possible.
    This bug doesn't affect the CREOPlayer and the exported Apps running on a device.

  4. 5 months ago
    Fri Sep 15 18:57:20 2017
    andrea posted in TextField Width.

    Hi @TheMexican,
    the fixed value of 30 for the height of the TextField is a 'suggestion' by Apple (Human Interface Guidelines, and also the Interface Builder in XCode doesn't allow to change the height), not a real constraint of the control. For this reason, the TextField inspector prevents you to change the height, but if you really need to do so you can change it programmatically. For example, you can add the following code to the DidShow event of the window which contains your text fields:
    TextField1.frame.size.height = 50;

  5. 6 months ago
    Tue Jul 25 19:08:48 2017

    Hi @johnbhiggins ,
    you should be able to do this by adding the following code to the DidScroll event of the CollectionView1:

    CollectionView2.contentOffset = CollectionView1.contentOffset;

    However, there is currently a bug in the contentOffset property getter that leads to an infinite loop if used in the DidScroll event.
    This issue will be fixed in the next release, meanwhile you can use a workaround to make it work in the current release (see the attached project... I've added the avoidLoop property to the CollectionView1 and set it in the DidShow event of the Window1)

  6. 7 months ago
    Mon Jun 26 16:11:48 2017
    andrea posted in PageSplit -.

    Hi @Joel_Eisenstat ,
    we are updating the documentation of the "open..." functions.
    In the meantime, I try to explain them:

    func openDetailWindowAtIndex(index: Int):
    Open the detail window of the PageSplit at the specified index. The first window inside a PageSplit is used as the master window, the next window(s) will be used as detail window(s). If the PageSplit has more than one detail window then this method opens the window at the specified index from the array of configured windows (skipping the first master window). If the PageSplit is configured with two subwindows - one master and one details - this method opens the detail window and set the value of the index parameter to the rowIndex property of the first custom View inside the detail window.

    func openIn(window: Window or Navigation):
    Example: TargetWindow.openIn(ContainerWindow);
    Open callee object (TargetWindow) inside parameter object (ContainerWindow) using its default behaviour. Note that TargetWindow and/or ContainerWindow can be a Window or a Navigation.

    I don't understand exactly what you need to do, if you send me your project I can try to help you (I will send you an email, you can reply to that mail if you want).

    The fix to the crash that you reported will be available with the next beta release. Anyway, that code will cause a runtime error because it tries to open the PageSplit in the Detail window which is contained by the same PageSplit, so the real action is to open the PageSplit in the PageSplit but this action is prohibited.

  7. Tue Jun 20 14:12:01 2017

    Hi @jsharifi, with the new beta you can set the KeyPath of a PageContainer programmatically.
    You can now change the KeyPath of the second PageContainer depending on the selected object in the first PageContainer with the following code in the first PageContainer's "DidSelectCell" event:

    PageContainer2.keyPath = "listings.[" + index + "].media.images";

    The cell properties of the second PageContainer was unselectable because the json contains an array of string at the "listings.[0].media.images" keypath while the inspector was expecting an array of object/dictionary, for example [ {url:"https://..."}, {url:"https://.."} ].
    The new Creo version is now able to use the data from your json, in particular if the KeyPath is "listings.[x].media.images" then you don't need to set the cell properties because it will use the only available value, the string containing the image url.

    I will send you an email with a working version of your project.

  8. 8 months ago
    Thu Jun 8 16:54:14 2017
    andrea posted in Drop Shadow.

    Hi @johnbhiggins , there is a bug with the offsetShadow property, it will be fixed as soon as possible.
    At the moment you can only set the color of the shadow of a label, the offset is by default (0,-1).
    Thank you for reporting the issue.

  9. Thu Jun 8 14:28:38 2017

    The action that you used tries to open the MainWindow in the MainTabMenu but the MainTabMenu is not visible, so the right action to perform should be to open the MainTabMenu in the AppMain navigation (the MainWindow is already configured to appear in the MainTabMenu, so you have just to show the MainTabMenu).
    Unfortunately, the current version of Creo doesn't show the list of containers (MainTabMenu, AppMain and Signupflow) in the list of windows that can be opened. An updated version that fixes this issue and all the issues and crashes reported in the past days will be released today.
    With the updated version you can configure the button action in the following way:


    Meanwhile, you can perform the action using the code editor instead of the action panel, with the following code inside the Action event of your button

  10. Wed Jun 7 00:20:52 2017
    andrea posted in SegmentedControl.

    Hi @Joel_Eisenstat , I've have fixed the issue with the titles of a segmented control getting the values of another control after a selection change, we will release an updated version in the next few days.

    For the other question about the "double tap":
    I tried to reproduce your app by creating with two windows, each one with a segmented control and using the segmented control's "Changed" action to open the other window. If I understand correctly your situation, I'm able to realize what you need by changing the segmented control's index of the control in the opening window with the following code (in the "Changed" event of the segmented control of the first window, and similar code in the event of the control of the second window):

    if (index == 1) {;
    	Window2.SegmentedControl1.index = 1;

    It also works if you change the index of the selected control in the "WillShow" or "DidShow" event of the window.

    I've attached the sample project used for this test, please let me know if this is useful to you.

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