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    Thu Aug 4 18:25:01 2016

    One can use Pixelcut's sketch Paintcode plugin or Paintcode App (I own) to create graphics for iOS. Then you will not need to worry about this if Creo will be able to accept the code they generate.

  2. Thu Mar 31 14:00:37 2016
    damerms started the conversation Getting crashes no matter what I do.

    Getting crashes no matter what I do

  3. Thu Mar 31 13:56:45 2016
    damerms posted in Side Menu - and Tutorials?.

    Hi Steve -

    • Create two windows.
    • The first window should have your hamburger menu.
    • The second window should have your panel with its navigation links
    • Click the hamburger menu in the first window and in the inspector on the right click the third icon that says actions
    • For the event select action
    • Hit the plus icon
    • Choose open
    • Select second window in dropdown
    • Maybe add some animation to delight the user

    As for the terminology, check out the Human Interface Guidelines. https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/documentation/UserExperience/Conceptual/MobileHIG/index.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40006556-CH66-SW1

    Note: I have not tried this and I don't work for Creo. This is based on my experience.


  4. Mon Mar 7 14:27:31 2016
    damerms started the conversation Idea: Project Share Channel.

    Idea: Add a section for people to share projects.

  5. Mon Mar 7 14:19:02 2016

    Great to hear this. Right now I see Neonto Studio leading as being a similar tool. It already has iOS and Android Studio integration with solid generated code and you can see the flows, albeit that the interface is a bit hefty.

  6. Fri Mar 4 01:45:28 2016
    damerms started the conversation play/pause/stop button to the Adele album demo.

    Is it possible to add play/pause/stop button to the Adele album demo?

  7. Wed Mar 2 23:22:09 2016


  8. Wed Mar 2 01:42:36 2016
    damerms started the conversation Get data from a gsheet (Google spreadsheet).

    Is there a way to get data from a gsheet?

  9. Tue Mar 1 15:01:25 2016

    I discovered my ip changed and I needed to whitelist it. Got to add this to my mental to-do. Thx.

  10. Mon Feb 29 22:06:57 2016

    It worked on the older version. I have done nothing since. It worked on older versions of Creo. Let me check with my host.

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