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  1. 3 days ago
    Tue Sep 19 06:47:57 2017
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in Gravity concatenate.

    Good morning,
    Took another approach, added "markdown type" column and applied when opening record. Works well and easier than playing with escape codes. Will provide an example for the space/padding issue with TextView later this week.

  2. 2 weeks ago
    Sun Sep 3 13:18:08 2017
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in Use of iPad Pro Pencil.

    quick and dirty - camera/camera roll/sqlite
    especially if this signature is repeated

  3. Sun Sep 3 00:03:49 2017
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in Use of iPad Pro Pencil.

    Absolutely , use it for input instead of your finger . For all day data entry
    it helps with "gorilla arm syndrome " . Especially if a stand is used.
    Of course only with an iPad not with the IDE on the Mac.

  4. Sat Sep 2 10:42:51 2017
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in Gravity concatenate.

    Good morning,
    There seems to be ongoing issues with TextView and markup.
    Spaces/padding between sentences is lost when markup is applied.
    Also the markup notation e.g. ~~ is lost when saving the record.
    ~~markup~~ will give the strikethrough in TextView calculated by
    string+noteText.text+string .
    However when saving< noteText.text =string+noteText.text+string >the markup strings are somehow lost from the string, thus the markup is not kept in the note.

  5. 3 weeks ago
    Fri Aug 25 10:25:29 2017
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in Gravity concatenate.

    In the TextView if there are spaces between lines the behaviour is reproduced.

  6. Fri Aug 25 08:57:45 2017
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in PinchGesture.

    Hi Marco,
    Thanks for the great example. Aggregate these for for a 'tips and tricks' section.

  7. 4 weeks ago
    Wed Aug 23 21:09:57 2017
    Joel_Eisenstat started the conversation PinchGesture.

    Good afternoon,
    I was able to utilize the TapGesture but am having trouble with the PinchGesture.
    Any comments on the code are appreciated.
    PinchGesture1 - Action()
    if ( self.state == GestureRecognizerState.Began) { //initial frame
    ImageView1.refFrame = ImageView1.frame ;
    return ;
    if (self.state == GestureRecognizerState.Ended) { //final frame
    var newframe = ImageView1.refFrame.copy();
    newframe.orgin.x += self.locationInView(Window1).x ; //as per example ?
    newframe.orgin.y += self.locationInView(Window1).y ;
    ImageView1.frame = newframe ;

  8. Tue Aug 22 19:22:32 2017
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in Gravity concatenate.

    Yes the small test app seems to work but when I transfer the code to the main project if fails as I described above . I'll keep hunting it down. Some debugging tools to the log would be quite helpful.
    BTW I haven't the time but the new gesture class is quite exciting and look forward to using it.

  9. Mon Aug 21 07:27:20 2017
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in Gravity concatenate.

    Medical records cannot be altered or erased ( no whiteout or pencils ) so a pen cross out is required. I am attempting the electronic equivalent using strikethrough in markdown. Once I was applying the markdown parser a PickerView was used to offer a few text manipulations.
    The problem seems to there is padding/blank spaces added to the text in a TextView messing up the markup parser . Instead of applying the markup i.e. strikethrough , the string literal is kept . ~~example text ~~.
    I cannot find the cause of these spaces , but it seems associated with TextView.

  10. Fri Aug 18 12:50:39 2017
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in Gravity concatenate.

    This works when there are no spaces in the TextView otherwise
    markup doesn't .

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