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  1. 5 years ago


    3 Apr 2016 User since 2016

    Good morning,
    A brief explanation of the page control object would be appreciated.
    Can I use it to change grouped objects on a window.
    For example most of the window are static objects but a section would rotate objects using the page control.
    In a sense navigation control for the section of window as opposed to the whole window .

  2. marco

    4 Apr 2016 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @Joel_Eisenstat, we'll soon add documentation for all objects and classes.
    For PageControl I guess you mean PageContainer right?

    In that case a PageContainer is a control that is able to dynamically creates a set of pages starting from a CustomView template and a DataSet. In pure MVC paradigm, CustomView represents the View, DataSet is the model and PageContainer is the controller.

    If you take a look at the One Minute eBook blog post I think you could better understand how it works.

  3. Joel_Eisenstat

    4 Apr 2016 User since 2016

    Hi Marco,
    Thanks for the example but I am trying to control a subset of objects on the window not the whole window.
    I assume this would be done using Gravity to control objects being active/non active (i.e. viewable) or using a custom view and controller object .
    Looking forward to the documentation.

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