Table row seperators not full width?

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    When I drag a table object to my Window, the horizontal row separators never seem to be full width. Even if the table is the full width of the Window, the separators extend fully to the right of the table but not to the left.

    Is this an issue with Creo or me? ;-)



  2. andrea

    11 Apr 2016 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi Steve,
    the behaviour of the separators corresponds to the real iOS implementation, it depends on the cell's style and it generally starts at the same point as the text label. You can customize its position and length with the "Insets" property in the "Separator" section of the table view inspector but because of iOS's restriction the minimum left inset is 15 points. If you need a full separator I recommend you to disable the default separator and to use a custom view with a border as the cell template.
    Anyway I have just fixed some issues in the separator position for the "Right Detail" cell style, it will be available in the next beta release.

  3. steveharman

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    Great, thanks @andrea your suggestion with the custom view worked. Although is it planned to offer less than 1pt for border widths? Would be handy to specify a hairline width of say 0.5pt or another custom value. Hardly a high priority concern.... ;-)

    Sadly at the moment I've had to put Creo to one side, as the absence of dynamic properties in http client requests is blocking what I need to do (take content of input field > pass it to http request) . But I know that's coming so no problem.


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    Hi @andrea, in border-width of custom view I would like to add just bottom but can't seem to find how this is defined, could make the input accept something like:


  5. andrea

    6 Dec 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    the border property of each view defines the size of the border in each side of the view, but you could achieve your desired appearance by adding a RectShape with appropriate border mask or a LineShape inside your custom view

  6. taiheta

    6 Dec 2019 User since 2019

    Thanks I went for line shape already. The platform I was working with before appreciated less "elements" where possible but that was node.js, this is my first time working with native apps.

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