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    Hi all,

    I don´t know, how you get into CREO, I really need a kind of documentation, some step by step tutorials and a code reference for Gravity. I can fiddle around with UI elements, can bind data from an external source, can say "hello world" and stuff, and it already feels really great - but what makes apps really interesting is the ability to create and save own data. who cares about twitter, spotify etc? the important part is our data and what we can do with. In my opinion it is much more exciting to know, how to make social network than fetching data from another one ... ;)

    @marco wrote in another conversation, that there will be a todo app tutorial in b3, which is a really good starting point, now we have b4.2 whats really great, but we have no documentation, no detailed tutorials. I am sure, we all would like to beta test the hell out of CREO, but how should we do this without a code reference or a documentation. I for me think, this is the most important step at the moment. beta testing the whole environment with all the actual possibilities (instead just small parts) would be good for the CREO team as well... my 50 cents - thank you all!

  2. marco

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    Hi @skatekowski, we haven't yet published any real documentation because we are finalizing some important components of Creo like the Gravity language and the dynamic properties. Once everything will be finalized (probably in the next upcoming b5) than we'll devote our energies to complete documentation, how to, examples and everything else that is currently missed.

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