How pass id to a custom view

  1. 3 years ago


    1 Jun 2016 User since 2016


    Thanks for this great beta.

    I've installed creoapp B5 and Postgres on my mac.

    I've success connect DB, create un custom view, and list result in a table.

    Now i'm trying for displaying a detail page or custom view when i click on a item of the table.

    How can i do pass the id of the item, load a specific query with the id parameter and display the result in a custom view

    A video like spotify Adele example will be cool ;-)

    Thanks in advance

  2. fredstep

    2 Jun 2016 User since 2016

    are you sure you have b5? If so where did you find it?

  3. rodmar

    2 Jun 2016 User since 2016

    you're right, i avec the B4.2 version... ;-)

  4. sandor

    3 Jun 2016 User since 2016

    I would like to second the question - exactly what i was searching :-)


  5. marco

    6 Jun 2016 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi guys, I'll write a detailed blog post (after b5) about how to link a detail page from a list.

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