1. last year


    5 Jul 2016 User since 2016

    Is the project still alive??

  2. marco

    5 Jul 2016 Administrator User since 2016
    Edited last year by marco

    @andy yes the project is up and running.
    We are investing a lot of resources in b5 because we want to release a version that is fully capable to show all its potential. We'll also release the iOS version.

    We plan to make important announcements pretty soon.
    Thanks a lot for your patience.

  3. andy

    5 Jul 2016 User since 2016

    @marco: thx for the beep :)
    I guess everybody is **really** curious already :)

  4. netkomm

    24 Aug 2016 User since 2016

    any ETA ?

    we do need to make business decisions to which tools to adopt.

    We would need a timeline fixed "in stone" so that we can make our decisions... if to follow the project or to use an alternative platform.

    Same for any eventual Android version... we would need and ETA.

  5. marco

    24 Aug 2016 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @netkomm we'll release next beta in the first half of September then a final release should not be too far. We don't yet have an ETA for the Android version.

  6. steveharman

    26 Aug 2016 User since 2016
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    Hi @marco It's a little disappointing to hear there's no ETA for Android.

    Whenever I read 'we have no ETA' it gives me the impression that something has been kicked into the long grass in the hope people will forget about it. Can you at least indicate where Android support is on your roadmap and what major things are ahead of it please? Or perhaps clarify whether 'no ETA' means months, years...

    I've been holding out for Creo ahead of starting two projects, to give the app a decent real-world test, but if it's only going to be able to deliver iOS apps for the foreseeable future, that isn't great news.

    Many thanks,


  7. marco

    30 Aug 2016 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @steveharman,
    I can assure you than since the first sketch of the Creo project, it has been designed to be multiplatform with iOS and Android in our roadmap.
    We are a small team, not yet profitable since we haven't yet launched our first version and so we need to carefully proceeded step by step.

    Our first step is iOS support, then followed by Android.
    In about a couple of weeks we'll release beta 5 with tons of under the hood changes and improvements that enable us to speed up the next beta releases and the final 1.0 release.

    Hope to have solved some of your concerns.

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