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    I appreciate we've previously touched on the potential of Creo to include existing 3rd party SDKs, case of FireBase, OneSignal, all sorts of backed providers etc.

    But what of 3rd party functional modules?

    I'm involved with a mobile project which simply wouldn't exist without being able to call upon external modules which the dev platform doesn't ship with. Ionic, NativeScript, Appery and of course Phonegap can leverage Cordova plugins, Titanium can use the node based ecosystem just as NativeScript does.

    Will Creo be able to call upon existing functional modules from the likes of Cordova / Phonegap / npm etc?

    The mobile development marketplace is so fragmented, with the greatest respect I can't see developers having time to port their modules to Creo very quickly. Surely a fantastic team who can reverse-engineer iOS so it runs on a desktop Mac can support Phonegap or npm modules? :-)

    What a huge unique-selling-point that would be for Creo.



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