MariaDB Connection Unresponsive Creo

  1. last year


    29 Jan 2017 User since 2016

    I have a MariaDB database on Amazon AWS. This is a test database so there is no real data there.
    When I create a Mysql connection object on Creo and enter the host and credentials, Creo becomes unresponsive and it never connects.
    I know credentials work because I can connect using other DB Management tool like Sequel Pro.
    Please try:
    Username: test
    password: test123

    Like I said the data is not real.
    Let me know if this is a bug or an issue on my part.

  2. marco

    30 Jan 2017 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @TheMexican the issue is due to the fact that you haven't entered a database name.
    We already fixed that issue in our build but to workaround it you can just enter a proper database name in the Database field.

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