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    18 Jan 2016 User since 2016


    First of all congrats for Creo!

    I would suggest releasing some tutorials on how to implement some features to create some basic applications so that people can get familiar with the new paradigm introduced with Creo.

    The objective would be to demonstrate how fast is to code using Creo compared to other tools and be ready to be productive.

  2. bluebottazzi

    18 Jan 2016 User since 2016


  3. marco

    18 Jan 2016 Administrator User since 2016

    yes you are right and it is definitely something in our top priority list.
    We was mainly concentrated on the app for this first beta, but now it's time to add documentation and tutorials.

  4. marco

    19 Jan 2016 Administrator User since 2016

    There is now a simple tutorial: http://blog.creolabs.com/2016/01/19/hello-world/

  5. multimedial

    19 Jan 2016 User since 2016

    Hi, I would like to second the suggestion for some sample apps. Can Creo create Mixed Apps, for phones and iPads?

    It would also be nice to have an uber demo app which shows off all the possibilities of the framework. That could also serve you for testing new code and check if it breaks anything... just my 2 cents.

  6. marco

    19 Jan 2016 Administrator User since 2016

    By default Creo creates universal apps, apps that can run natively on iPhone and iPad.
    If you need some windows specialized for one platform (for example Window1 could be different for iPhone and iPad) then just right click on a Window and then choose "Manage Platforms..." in the contextual menu.

    P.S. for the uber demo we are working on it ;-)

  7. multimedial

    20 Jan 2016 User since 2016

    Great, looking forward to it.

  8. Peteroq

    21 Jan 2016 User since 2016

    Hey there!
    First, Congrats on creating this amazing product, I think this the long-awaited approach to get production ready prototypes out for testing! I think this could change the game for Product Designers and small App Teams.

    My question is, will there be more in-depth tutorials for those users not familiar with Native Dev concepts? I feel like there are a lot designers that don't understand how view controllers work and other basic programming practices. It would be nice to have tutorials explaining each feature (such as animations, binding, objects, and controls) more thoroughly!

  9. marco

    21 Jan 2016 Administrator User since 2016

    Hello @Peteroq
    in-depth tutorials and documentation is our top priority! .We just need some more time and then we'll publish all the docs. In the meantime I'll try to regularly post on our blog with some more in-depth information.

  10. damerms

    17 Feb 2016 User since 2016

    When doing tutorials, it might be good to have one app throughout them if possible.

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