To know the date and the hour.

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    I'm French and I tried to translate in English.

    I create an application on Creo and I have to know the date and the hour separately..

    The application will show a notification in a date and a hour specifics.
    I am in a high school where there is no fixed class and this application will show me at the end of every course the subject, the room and the hours of the beginning and of the end of the next course.
    Thus how to make this.

    I would like also having the possibility to change the hours in the application if there is a changement of the time table.

    Thanks you in advance for your answers.

  2. marco

    26 Sep 2017 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @Yugo,
    in the next upcoming version we'll add a lot of properties to the date object so you'll be able to access date information using a syntax like:

    var d = Date();
    var h = d.hour;
    var m = d.minute;

    For the other requests please describe us what you would like to achieve and we'll try to help you.

  3. Yugo

    5 Oct 2017 User since 2017

    Sorry to answer so late but the mail to say me there is an answer was in the spam.

    Thanks you. I will try to do with your help.

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