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    Good morning,
    I have a common header in a custom view for most windows which displays customer info. The customer info is derived from the PageSplit/Master/MasterTable cell . This works with PageSplit1.openDetailWindowAtIndex(index); but I am having difficulty with WindowX.openIn(PageSplit1); The identifier is passed and the customer query is successful but the CustomView is not updated/refreshed.
    Should I be using the 'key path' ? If so could you provide a brief explanation of key path and/or an example.

  2. andrea

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    Hi @Joel_Eisenstat ,
    We may expose in a future release the "index" property for the View control to choose the index value from a dataset (like the "index" property of the PageContainer).
    For now, you can set the property of the View programmatically (you must remove the DataSet from the View in your WindowX):

    WindowX.View1.exposedPropertyCustomer = DB.Query.stringValue(columnIndexOfTheCustomerName);

    Let me know if you need any further information.

  3. Joel_Eisenstat

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    Thanks Andrea

  4. Joel_Eisenstat

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    Hi Andrea,
    I f you can please comment of the following code as per your example ;
    ActiveID query = SELECT * FROM public."CRM_Pat" WHERE "active" = true ORDER BY "id"

    Code to obtain View1 header information in Window6
    identifier is the id/index for the table and is passed to the method as an integer

    Window6.View1.lastnameLabel = PostgreSQL1.ActiveID.stringValue(2);
    Window6.View1.firstnamelabel = PostgreSQL1.ActiveID.stringValue(3);
    Window6.View1.patid = PostgreSQL1.ActiveID.stringValue(1);

    where the stringValues are the column index of the CRM_Pat table .
    This generates null values for the View1 strings. Any direction is appreciated.

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    Revisited and all is good .

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