Unable to Use TestFlight with Build

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    29 Dec 2017 User since 2017
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    Has anyone been able to submit a Creo app to TestFlight successfully?

    I built a fairly simple app, basically a navigation bar with several webviews and built an IPA using a production cert and provisioning profile and then uploaded it via Application Loader to begin testing on TestFlight but all of my builds appear to have no options in iTunes Connect:


    Nor can I distribute them to TestFlight users:


    I've been exchanging emails with iTunes Connect support and we've gone over the certification and provisioning profile process to make sure those are correct and thinks there is likely a problem in the build process.

    Any ideas what might be going on and how I can resolve the issue?

  2. marco

    30 Dec 2017 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @chrisWhite is there any error shown?
    Or the .ipa file is simply ignored?

  3. chrisWhite

    1 Jan 2018 User since 2017

    Hey @marco, thanks for your help!

    No, there are no errors shown on the latest build, not when building in Creo, nor uploading with Application Loader and none in iTunes Connect either. Apple's developer support didn't seem to see anything specific on the back-end either, the builds are just broken in some indiscernible way.

    Here are the build settings:


    The first build I created (1889) did have errors initially when uploaded with Application Loader, I hadn't used the correct cert and profile but 3 and 4 had no issues.

    I just walked through the process again and it appears that everything went fine:


    However, looking more carefully at the activity log I do see this single error, does it mean anything to you?

    [2018-01-01 12:30:47 MST] <main> DEBUG: Using container type tool name and version: iOS App Describer:1.25
    [2018-01-01 12:30:47 MST] <main> DEBUG: Using path: /var/folders/xs/j1yg9bb14dx75yfvmmnsyjx00000gp/T/2B4000DD-7AFA-4228-88C0-435E9CFB36F9/1320730294.itmsp/uscw-app-ios.ipa
    [2018-01-01 12:30:52 MST] <main> ERROR: description length:114131
    [2018-01-01 12:30:52 MST] <main> DEBUG: Asset successfully described: com.apple.jingle.leghorn.software.AbstractSoftwareDescriber$1@1c32386d
    [2018-01-01 12:30:53 MST] <main> DBG-X: Deflated 114500 bytes to 26001
  4. marco

    2 Jan 2018 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @chrisWhite so the upload process via Application Loader or iTunes Connect completed fine without any error. Right?
    What exactly is the issue you are experiencing now?

    Sorry for the questions but I am just trying to better understand the possible cause of the issue.

  5. chrisWhite

    2 Jan 2018 User since 2017
    Edited 6 months ago by chrisWhite

    Yep, upload via Application Loader works just fine, the build shows up in TestFlight but apparently isn't valid for an unspecified reason. I can't do anything with the builds, they show up as blank (see my original screenshot) and when trying to start testing with TestFlight iTunes Connect shows that there are no available builds (my second screenshot).

    Development support has looked at the issue, they initially thought it was because I was using the wrong cert and/or profile but after doing a couple of screen recordings they agreed that everything was correct and then asked me how I was building the IPA.

    I told them I used Creo and that I'd follow up with you guys and they didn't offer any further assistance, presumably because I wasn't using Xcode.

    I'm afraid I'm stuck now, I can't test with TestFlight and I presumably wouldn't be able to get it submitted to the App Store for release.

    Thank you for your help Marco, I really appreciate it!

  6. marco

    3 Jan 2018 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @chrisWhite,
    I further investigated the issue and I discovered that TestFlight requires a special build format very different from the normal build.

    I'd like to add support for TestFlight builds but I am not sure about the scheduling of this feature.
    Are you force to wait for TestFlight support or can you release your app as is?

  7. chrisWhite

    9 Jan 2018 User since 2017

    @marco I wondered if something like that could be happening. I do need to do some testing before I release the app but I'm working on rebuilding it in Xcode with Swift so no worries here, Creo created a great prototype and I definitely will continue using it!

  8. marco

    11 Jan 2018 Administrator User since 2016

    Thanks @chrisWhite and please continue to provide us with your invaluable feedback!

  9. 4 weeks ago


    Jun 21 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @chrisWhite we just released Creo version 1.0.2 with TestFlight support!

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