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    Application Feature or Area: Objects -> Code -> Class
    Bug: Cannot delete or rename a code class once dragged into project from the objects/code/class panel
    Frequency: Intermittent
    Sometimes a class dragged onto the project (e.g. to Window1/objects/SomeClassName) cannot be deleted or renamed. Selecting 'rename' or 'delete' from the context pop-up menu does nothing.
    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create a new project
    2. Drag the 'Class' cube from the Code object panel icon onto Window1 or any other valid drop target.
    3. Attempt to rename or delete it using either the Edit menu, or the pop-up context menu that appears after right-clicking the new class.
    4. Observe that occasionally nothing happens after this action.

    Comment: One suggested fix to the delete issue is to add a 'refresh' function to the IDE. I've found that if the "objects" folder inside my window contains 2 (or more) objects (e.g. a binding plus a code class) then the following occurs:
    Repeat steps 1...4 above
    Drag to re-order the objects in the Window1 "objects" folder
    Observe that the deletion has in fact occurred, but has not triggered a re-paint in the IDE.

  2. marco

    16 Mar 2018 Administrator User since 2016

    Thanks a lot for the report, if only all reports was so detailed!
    We'll fix it for the next beta.

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