Lottie animations

  1. 3 years ago


    11 Jul 2018 User since 2018

    Creolabs motion feature is cool ! But what about complex animations?

    Please add feature to import lottie files, and then we can use free animations from https://www.lottiefiles.com

  2. marco

    12 Jul 2018 Administrator User since 2016

    @appiteca seems a perfect plugin to add to Creo.
    Stay tuned for future news.

  3. apt

    12 Jul 2018 User since 2018

    This does indeed look great, excited for plugin support.

  4. last year


    27 Oct 2019 User since 2019

    Hello... any news on lottie support?

  5. marco

    19 Nov 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @luciandesign not yet I am sorry.

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