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    I have a problem with trying to create a browser with the main screen and the screen on which the search page appears. I want to enter the window with the search page with the address entered after entering the address on the main screen. And here comes the problem. This is not happening. Here is the code to open the second window with the address:
    Window1.View1.WebView1.url = "" + result;
  2. marco

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    Hi @FrujitStudio some notes that are not probably clear in the documentation.
    I suppose that you have a Window1 and a Window2 (where the search page appears) inside a Navigation1.

    If you want to open Window2 in Navigation1 the right code is:


    The open and openIn methods are asynchronous that means that you cannot know in advance when the Window2 is really shown. The right way to execute your code when the Window2 will be ready is to use a closure:

    Window2.openIn(Navigation1, {
        Window2.View1.WebView1.url = "" + result;

    I attached a small sample project.

  3. FrujitStudio

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    Thanks! It works.

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