Problem with scrolling TableView

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    29 Dec 2018 User since 2018

    Hey. I have a problem with the fact that the application bounces strangely when it scrolls TableView. I would like to fix this error because the application I already have in the App Store.

  2. andrea

    2 Jan 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @FrujitStudio, what it the DataSet used by the TableView?
    Do you call the run() method of the DataSet or the reload(reloadDataSet, keepSelection) method of the TableView?

  3. FrujitStudio

    2 Jan 2019 User since 2018

    DataSet is HTTPClient.

  4. andrea

    2 Jan 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    Do you programmatically reload the HTTPRequest or the TableView while dragging?

  5. FrujitStudio

    3 Jan 2019 User since 2018

    In TableView.DidReload and TableView.WillReload, the () command is located.

  6. andrea

    3 Jan 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    When the tableView is reloaded by pulling down the table or programmatically by calling the reload(true) method with the true value as the first parameter (reloadDataSet), the related dataset (in this case the HTTPRequest1) is automatically executed and the table is updated at when the dataset stop loading.
    I suggest removing the () code from the WillReload and DidReload events of the TableView, it should solve your problem.

  7. FrujitStudio

    5 Jan 2019 User since 2018

    It works, but only for a while. After that, pictures in TableView load only those that are visible. This can be seen when the screenshots scroll down. The pictures will start to repeat with those that have been loaded. After a short time, photos that should be loaded in a given place. To make things easier, I'm sending a poor project with the same TableView as in the original version.

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  9. FrujitStudio

    12 Jan 2019 User since 2018

    When Can I expect a result? The problem is mine or your side?

  10. andrea

    15 Jan 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    @FrujitStudio ,
    the problem is that the TableView reuses unused cells so, during the loading of the new image from the url property, the reused cell shows the previously configured image.
    We are working on an improvement on our side for this kind of situations, meanwhile a workaround could be to reset the content of the ImageView in the DidHide event of the Cell1 with the following code:

    self.customView.ImageView1.url = null
  11. FrujitStudio

    19 Jan 2019 User since 2018

    This solution works, but the images load for a long time or do not appear at all (I noticed it later). When I noticed at the beginning that it wasn't that bad with the time of loading images, I decided to upload the improved version to the App Store. However, I got such an answer.

    Guideline 2.1 - Performance - App Completeness

    Your app or its metadata does not appear to include final content. Specifically, your app binary contains "Lorem Ipsum" text.

    Next Steps

    To resolve this issue, please review your app and metadata to ensure that all of its content is final.

    Please see attached screenshot for details.

    In the attached screenshot I noticed that one of the images did not load. I checked it in Creoplayer and it turned out that the images sometimes don't load at all. I'll add that I have Creo 2.0.

  12. andrea

    23 Jan 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    With the suggested fix, I see that it took a while to download the images but they do appear. The loading time depends on the image size and some of your images are very big, if you could use smaller images the loading time will be reduced.

    The App Store answer refers to the default content "Lorem Ipsum..." of the TextViews inside the CustomView, please change the initial content of the three TextView:

    Screenshot 2019-01-23 at 12.28.51.png

  13. FrujitStudio

    30 Jan 2019 User since 2018

    I've fixed some elements in the application and changed all "Lorem ipsum" to the description of the content of a given field. I sent a ready-made application to App Store. Application accepted. Then another version with iPad support and minor patches. Application accepted again. Photos load faster now. The problem is solved and the thread is closed. But I have a question, will Creo support Swift 5?

    Have a nice day.

  14. andrea

    30 Jan 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    Creo will support Swift 5 when it will be publicly available.
    Can you please let us know the App Store link of your app if already published?

  15. FrujitStudio

    31 Jan 2019 User since 2018

    The application is available only in Polish, because the page for which I created this application writes articles in Polish. This site is, which I own. However, in the near future I plan to introduce a translation.

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