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    I'm facing a new problem. I've enrolled an Apple Developer Program, configured all the stuff around certificates and created a Provisioning Profile for my device. All those things seem to be selected properly while building .ipa.
    I transfer .ipa file to my device using Apple Configurator 2, but every time I try to open my app, it ends up with crash after splash screen is displayed.

    It seems like some bug while creating .ipa file?
    Attached a video and screenshot from app build window. in CreoPlayer works fine.

  2. marco

    1 Mar 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @konradkolasa we are looking at the issue. Do you have a crash log to send us?

    iOS instructions (for iOS 11 or later)

    1. Navigate to your device Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data.
    2. Scroll through this list to find YourApp events (the list is alphabetical).
    3. Tap one of these events.
    4. Tap the share icon at the top right.
    5. Email it to


  3. @marco Hi, thanks for a quick response!

    Unluckily it does not appear there as any of my names ("Doer", "ToDo App").
    I've checked the option

    Include app symbols for crash log symbolication

    I attached a screen what Console (from Apple Configurator 2) says:

  4. marco

    1 Mar 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    Thanks @konradkolasa for the information.

    Some more questions:

    1. Are you using a FREE version?
    2. Can you send me the Creo project?
    3. Can you send me your IPA file?


  5. @marco

    1. Yes, it's FREE version.
    2. Sent on your email
    3. As well
  6. andrea

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    Hi @konradkolasa,
    it seems to be caused by a problem with your certificate, can you please perform the following checks in the Keychain Access application:

    • the trust setting of your iPhone Developer certificate should be set to "Use System Defaults"
    • the Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority certificate should be present and the trust setting should be set to "Use System Defaults". If missing, you can download it from

    Follow these steps to repair your development, distribution, and intermediate certificates.
    To set the trust level of a certificate to the system defaults:

    1. Launch Keychain Access.
    2. In the Category section, select My Certificates.
    3. Double-click the certificate.
    4. In the certificate window, display the Trust section by clicking the corresponding disclosure triangle.
    5. For the option “When using this certificate,” select Use System Defaults.
    6. Close the certificate window.
    7. Ensure that the certificate information shows the certificate is valid.
  7. @andrea Thanks a lot! The issue was, that I didn't have Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority installed. Therby my iPhone Developer certificate was untrusted. Thank you! Now it works fine.

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