Sections in Grouped TableView

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    I'm trying to reproduce something similar to attached screenshot here:
    So I build TableView using Style: Grouped and I get the data from GridDataSet.

    I'm wondering how I can provide a section split because now everything goes to section 0. I don't see any chance to connect a column for instance, to control section number. I've tried to replace section parameter in WillShowCell() like:
    WillShowCell(cell, section, index) { section = index } to check if that works, but it didn't give me any effect.

    It that possible at all to split tableView into a few sections?

  2. andrea

    4 Mar 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @konradkolasa,
    this feature is not yet available, we’d like to add it in the near future.

  3. konradkolasa

    5 Mar 2019 User since 2019

    @andrea Thanks!

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