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    Luiz D'Aniello

    11 Mar 2019 User since 2019

    I have Window1 that is inside Navigation1, and Window2 inside Navigation2.
    Navigation1 will have all windows that i don't need navigation bar, and Navigation2 will have all windows that will use navigation bar.
    how can i open window2, and respect all sets from Navigation2?

    i tried from window1:;
    but it's opening without the navigation bar

  2. andrea

    11 Mar 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @Luiz D'Aniello,
    if you want to show the Window2 inside the Navigation2, you should first show the Navigation2; you can show Navigation2 in different ways, depending on the transition effect you want, but you can't open a Navigation inside another Navigation (in this case you can't show the Navigation2 inside the Navigation1):

    • you can present the Navigation2 as modal window over the current context with one of the available animations, for example Navigation2.openModal(TransitionStyle.Default)
    • or you can set the Navigation2 as the root content of the App instead of the Navigation1, for example App.loadContainer(NavigationBar2)

    In both cases, the Navigation2 is presented with its current content, for example with Window2 if it is the first Window configured inside the Navigation2 in the Layout panel of the Creo IDE.

  3. Luiz D'Aniello

    12 Mar 2019 User since 2019

    Thanks Andrea

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