Padding inside textfield

  1. 4 years ago

    Luiz D'Aniello

    21 Mar 2019 User since 2019

    when you run a project on CREO, there is a padding in the textfield. When you run con CREO Player or build an IPA, the text is without this space.
    If it's a bug, how can i setup that to be identical?

  2. andrea

    22 Mar 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @Luiz D'Aniello
    it seems to be a bug in the Creo Simulator, a TextField with a border style None doesn't have padding on iOS, so it should appear in Creo for Mac without padding as you see on the iOS device (CreoPlayer/IPA). The simulator will be fixed as soon as possible.
    If you want to use a custom background/border for your text fields without losing the padding, I can suggest three different solutions:

    • add an empty LeftView subnode to your TextFields (press the + button near the TextField item in the Layout) and set its width to match the desired padding
    • draw the custom background of the TextField in an ImageView below the TextField instead of using the background of the border property of the TextField
    • use the Rounded Rect border style but draw the custom border of the TextView by configuring the Border Width, Border Color and Corner radius property of the TextView instead of using a background image.
  3. Luiz D'Aniello

    22 Mar 2019 User since 2019

    Hi @andrea. I had done some tests in Swift and saw that a textField doesn't have a padding.
    The best solution that i found was your first one. Use an empty Left View.
    Thanks for your answer.

  4. Luiz D'Aniello

    22 Mar 2019 User since 2019

    @andrea i want to include 2 more bugs:

    First, CreoPlayer on iPad it's not respecting supported Orientantions. I have set only Landscape, and on iPad shows Portrait and Landscape, like you can see the image

    Second, i change the Edge Inset for a text in a button, and centralized. I see difference between CreoPlayer/Build and Simulator. I did 2 images

  5. andrea

    10 Apr 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    @Luiz D'Aniello ,
    all these bugs will be fixed with the next release, thank you for reporting them.

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