Suggestion UI change split panels

  1. 3 years ago


    22 Jun 2019 User since 2018

    I now have 2 panels: CODE and DESIGN. If I want to change that I have to first set one to LIVE before I can choose an other option. This is a bit cumbersome from a user perspective.

    What I'm suggesting is:

    • Always enable all panel options.
    • If I choose an option in panel 1 that is also selected in panel 2 (which shouldn't be possible), then change panel 2 to an other option. You could choose the most obvious one in that case. Eg. choose DESIGN in panel 2 if panel 1 is set to CODE. If that's not what the use wants, they can change that.
    • Add an extra button to just switch panels, if that's what the user is intended to do.

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