Tap on Scrollable Text

  1. 3 years ago


    28 Jul 2019 User since 2018


    I have a text that is scrollable because very long. How can I put a Tap Gesture on it? If I do it, it is currently ignored because it is recognized as selecting text.


  2. marco

    28 Jul 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @ingurgite what are you trying to achieve?

  3. ingurgite

    28 Jul 2019 User since 2018

    I have a screen that displays an article's content to read. And I want to experience to be double taping to come back to the previous screen. I could also do it by swiping up but same thing, if I swipe up it obviously scroll since the screen's whole area is taking by a scrollable text.

    Let me know if it is clearer.

  4. ingurgite

    6 Aug 2019 User since 2018


    I am coming back on this to see if you had a solution @marco, @andrea? I simply want the gesture to supersede the text selection. The gesture could be a double tap to reduce conflicts with selection.


  5. andrea

    6 Aug 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @ingurgite, the TapGesture added to a TextView works fine in iOS devices and in Apple's iOS Simulators. There is a bug preventing tap on a TextView in our Creo Simulato in some cases, we are working to fix this issue with our simulator.

  6. marco

    8 Aug 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    @ingurgite we fixed the issue in our built-in simulator, please try this new beta https://media.creolabs.com/release/beta/creo_build18349.zip

  7. ingurgite

    3 Sep 2019 User since 2018

    Hi @marco, @andrea,

    I tried on the last stable release. It works in the simulator but it does not work on an real iOS device.

    Any idea?


  8. ingurgite

    29 Oct 2019 User since 2018

    Hi @marco, @andrea,

    I am coming back to you regarding this topic. It is still not working on a real iOS device. The double tap on a textView selects the whole text on a real iOS device while it triggers the Action() callback in the simulator.


  9. andrea

    30 Oct 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    the Tap gesture can not be recognized if an internal gesture recognizer of the native TextView control is recognized before (for example, the tap gesture that put the TextView in the editing state).
    To change this behavior, you can add the code `return true;` in the `ShouldRecognizeSimultaneously(otherGesture: UIGestureRecognizer)` event of your TapGesture; in this way, your gesture can be recognized simultaneously with other gesture recognizers.

  10. ingurgite

    30 Oct 2019 User since 2018

    Thanks @andrea.

  11. ingurgite

    2 Nov 2019 User since 2018

    Coming back to you @andrea, it works on a real device, but not in the simulator. In the simulator, it does not select the text either. Is that normal?

  12. ingurgite

    12 Nov 2019 User since 2018

    Hi, coming back to you on this. An answer would be appreciated. Thanks.

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