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    Sep 21 User since 2018
    Edited 7 weeks ago by ingurgite


    Running my Creo app on iOS has stopped working. I cannot figure out if it is me changing something that is not supported on iOS but in any case it works perfectly in the macOS simulator. See screenshot.

    Noteworthy is that there is no "version" object or method in my code. The search functionality in the simulator returns zero results when looking for "version". It looks like it references another object or something.


    Any idea?


  2. marco

    Sep 21 Administrator User since 2016

    Are you you using the latest Creo version? If yes, have you exported the latest CreoPlayer from within the Creo?

  3. ingurgite

    Sep 21 User since 2018

    I've checked TestFlight. Definitely the latest version on iOS.

    On macOS, the app didn't offer me to update so indeed it could have been the problem (maybe something to improve here). I just updated it and retransferred to the iOS device but same error unfortunately.

    I didn't try to new Export CreoPlayer feature as it requires a signing key etc. More complicated than the current way I found. Does the old way works (with the TestFlight Creo app) or do I need to switch to the new method?


  4. marco

    Sep 21 Administrator User since 2016

    @ingurgite the most up-to-date version is the one included in Creo. Unfortunately Apple does not allow anymore apps like CreoPlayer in TestFlight.

    You should really switch to the new method in order to take advantage of the most recents changes:

  5. Joel_Eisenstat

    Sep 23 User since 2016

    Hey Marco,
    Could you provide a detailed play by play as to how to install CreoPlayer . I have all the Apple docs done and was able to build/sign an xCode project but having the hardest time with CreoPlayer exporter.
    Existing documentation, for me at least, is a little thin.

  6. 6 weeks ago


    Sep 24 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @Joel_Eisenstat does the beta build that Andrea sent you work fine?

  7. Joel_Eisenstat

    Sep 24 User since 2016

    Almost there, still some issue but it can be with certificates on my end.
    But definitely farther along than the release.

  8. ingurgite

    Sep 24 User since 2018

    Hi @marco,

    Where can I find more information to export the CreoPlayer. The process shows a Signing Identity, Bundle ID and Provision Profile etc. but I have no idea how to fill those out.


  9. marco

    Sep 24 Administrator User since 2016

    @ingurgite please take a look at

  10. ingurgite

    Sep 25 User since 2018

    Hi @marco, I did but it does not say anything but "Select Export CreoPlayer from the File menu and the fill-in the Bundle ID and Provisioning Profile fields.". I still don't know what Bundle ID or Provisioning Profile are.

    Also a Signing Identity is required. Same thing, how do I generate those?


  11. ingurgite

    Sep 28 User since 2018

    @marco, @andrea, could you please give us more information on this new way to deploy?


  12. 4 weeks ago


    Oct 7 User since 2016

    the Export CreoPlayer Documentation has been updated with more information on those fields.

  13. ingurgite

    Oct 12 User since 2018

    Thanks @andrea, @marco. I've successfully generated an .IPA file. But then the documentation does not explain what to do with it, how to put that on your phone.


  14. ingurgite

    Oct 12 User since 2018

    I've used Apple Configurator 2, probably worth referencing articles covering that step of the process.

  15. marco

    Oct 14 Administrator User since 2016

    @ingurgite please follow this tutorial

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