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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Wed Oct 30 16:23:59 2019

    @ingurgite when this code is executed? Do you need to replace the default first window with something else? Is that window opened inside a NavigationBar or what?

  2. 3 weeks ago
    Tue Oct 22 06:28:40 2019

    Hi @FrujitStudio, I attached a simple Creo project that shows you how to call Creo methods from within Javascript (you need to use the webkit.messageHandlers).

  3. 4 weeks ago
    Mon Oct 21 13:26:36 2019
    marco posted in Webview printing.

    Hi @hansmaiser new print capabilities has been added to the new Creo 2.3 (to be released in few days)

  4. 5 weeks ago
    Mon Oct 14 11:08:28 2019
    marco posted in iOS bug.

    @ingurgite please follow this tutorial

  5. 7 weeks ago
    Tue Sep 24 19:23:31 2019
    marco posted in iOS bug.

    @ingurgite please take a look at

  6. Tue Sep 24 14:41:36 2019
    marco posted in iOS bug.

    Hi @Joel_Eisenstat does the beta build that Andrea sent you work fine?

  7. 8 weeks ago
    Sat Sep 21 16:45:09 2019
    marco posted in iOS bug.

    @ingurgite the most up-to-date version is the one included in Creo. Unfortunately Apple does not allow anymore apps like CreoPlayer in TestFlight.

    You should really switch to the new method in order to take advantage of the most recents changes:

  8. Sat Sep 21 13:48:50 2019
    marco posted in iOS bug.

    Are you you using the latest Creo version? If yes, have you exported the latest CreoPlayer from within the Creo?

  9. Fri Sep 20 03:48:54 2019
    marco posted in Window.title .

    Oh no @Joel_Eisenstat I mean a Title Item for each Window (see screenshot).

  10. Fri Sep 20 02:05:36 2019
    marco posted in Window.title .

    Hi @Joel_Eisenstat, if you want to modify the title using Window.title, you need to add a Title Item (Navigation Bar section) to the others windows too.

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