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  1. just now
    Fri Jun 22 15:16:49 2018
    marco posted in JSON Formatting.

    @alanstones cool!

  2. 1 hour ago
    Fri Jun 22 14:12:31 2018
    marco posted in JSON Formatting.

    Hi @alanstones is there a REST API available for Google Spreadsheet? (I checked and it seems to be supported: ).

    So you do not need to implement anything on your side, just connect the API and bind data to a table.
    The procedure should be similar to the one used in the Spotify tutorial.

  3. 9 hours ago
    Fri Jun 22 05:56:29 2018

    @apt how you would imaging the sharing process?
    Send an email with a link to the app (that can be opened by CreoPlayer) to the other user?
    Or if two CreoPlayer(s) are on the same WiFi network one of them can send an app to the other user?
    Or what?

  4. yesterday
    Thu Jun 21 12:26:33 2018
    marco started the conversation Creo 1.0.2.

    Announcing Creo 1.0.2 with TestFlight support and several bugs fixed.
    Complete version history is available here .

  5. Thu Jun 21 07:03:02 2018

    Hi @chrisWhite we just released Creo version 1.0.2 with TestFlight support!

  6. 2 days ago
    Wed Jun 20 13:08:35 2018
    marco posted in Animation not working.

    @apt it is far easier to use the animate method:

    func animate(duration: Float, delay: Float, options: AnimationOption, closure: Closure, completion: Closure)

    available in any View.

    I attached a sample project to show you how to use that method.

  7. Wed Jun 20 12:28:27 2018
    marco posted in Cannot rename a query.

    @abowman there are some reserved keywords that cannot be used and Creo prevents you from using one of them. What name you was trying to use?

  8. Wed Jun 20 11:16:36 2018
    marco posted in Build for Distribution.

    Hi @VinDo next version (due within Friday) will have TestFlight support for Creo builds.

  9. 3 days ago
    Tue Jun 19 09:50:17 2018
    marco posted in Creo 1.0.

    @apt up-to-date release note is always available at

  10. Mon Jun 18 20:16:30 2018
    marco posted in License.

    Hi @mightymango a more complete online store will be available in the upcoming days. In the meantime you can purchase an additional copy directly from the app (or from ) and entering the coupon code 1DFEB56A in order to get a 10% discount over the regular license price

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