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  1. 4 hours ago
    Sun Sep 15 22:16:15 2019
    marco posted in Accept shareable items.

    Hi @ingurgite this is a feature we are working on and it will be available in a coming soon update.

  2. yesterday
    Sat Sep 14 15:22:14 2019

    Hello @luciandesign we'll release a new Creo version in few days and it will contain a Boolean parameter for the close method to specify if animation must be enabled/disabled.

  3. last week
    Thu Sep 5 21:10:20 2019
    marco posted in Bug with HTTPRequest?.

    Hi @ingurgite you are right, there is a bug on our side (already fixed so you can expect a new release pretty soon). As a workaround you should use an URL without percent encoding (so without %20 in your case).

  4. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Aug 31 23:37:14 2019
    marco posted in SQLite binding text to NULL.

    @ingurgite the right way is to use the bindNULL method:

    var _record = DatabaseRecord()
    var _status = database.addRecord(_record, "articles")
  5. Wed Aug 28 23:55:36 2019
    marco posted in Maps.

    Maps are basically hash tables and hash tables keys are not sorted by design (for performance reason).
    Based on your code (since you are using a Number as the key) I think it would be really much better to use a List (that you can then sort):

    // loop to fill list with rs values
    var list:List = [];
    while (rs.hasRow) {
    // sort list in alphabetical order
    func compare (a, b) {
        return a > b;
    list = list.sort(compare);
  6. Mon Aug 26 22:46:16 2019
    marco posted in AR Capabilities.

    @sworteu no it is not. We'll remove the documentation in few days.

  7. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Aug 22 13:52:52 2019
    marco posted in Class methods.

    Yes exactly. I prepare a very simple project to show you how to use Class methods.

  8. 4 weeks ago
    Tue Aug 13 06:07:46 2019
    marco posted in Time zone.

    You can't change the System timezone, only the user has the right to do that.
    What you can do is to change the timezone of a date object in order to correctly show it.
    For example see Convert a String to a Date object using a given format and timezone in

  9. Tue Aug 13 06:04:06 2019

    Hi @ingurgite you mean in a local sqlite database?
    If yes then you need to do a select statement and then based on the result of your query open the appropriate window.
    If you post more details about the sql schema I'll be happy to help you.

  10. Mon Aug 12 13:59:35 2019
    marco posted in Time zone.

    @Joel_Eisenstat already fixed in our build.
    Your code is wrong because EST cannot be converted to TimeZone and TimeZone.default alone does not make any sense. Can you please better explain (with more code) what you are trying to do?

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