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  1. 2 days ago
    Sat Oct 20 15:57:38 2018

    Hi @ingurgite now I better understand the issue.
    SQLite is a bit vague about the official way to escape a value. As a general rule a double quote should be replaced by two double quotes and a single quote should be replaced by two single quotes.
    The database.escape method takes care of identifiers only (so double quotes only), we already modified it in order to handle the single quote case.

    In the meantime you can use the replace String method to manually escape your values:

    // escape values
    var v1 = "Elon's".replace("'", "''");
    var v2 = 'Coming soon';
    var v3 = "April Fool's".replace("'", "''");
    // write to db
    var sql = "INSERT INTO foo (column1, column2, column3) VALUES ('\(v1)', '\(v2)', '\(v3)');"
    // debug
  2. 3 days ago
    Fri Oct 19 19:58:19 2018
    var query = "INSERT INTO articles (identifier, feed, url, date, title, content, header, summary, status) VALUES ('\(identifier)', '\(feed)', '\(url)', '\(date)', '\(title)', '\(content)', '\(header)', '\(summary)', 0);";
    var r = database.execute(query, _onSuccess, _onError);

    or you can use the DatabaseRecord class.

  3. Fri Oct 19 10:24:53 2018
    marco posted in Resetting sqlite database.

    @ingurgite you can already test it with this un-official build

  4. 4 days ago
    Thu Oct 18 13:40:29 2018

    @plug123 it would be really nice to have and we are working on it, however we don't have a timeframe for that feature.

  5. Thu Oct 18 13:38:39 2018
    marco posted in Interactive debugger.

    Hi @plug123 yes, and it will be available pretty soon.

  6. 6 days ago
    Wed Oct 17 05:03:40 2018
    marco posted in MapPointAnnotation event.

    @ferdinando.cecchini if you use this un-official build then you can start playing with the new DidSelectAnnotation/DidUnselectAnnotation MapView events.

    I attached a very simple project to show you basic usage (the tag property has been added to MapPointAnnotation class).
    Please note that MapPointAnnotation customisation will be available in a couple of weeks.

  7. last week
    Mon Oct 15 12:25:04 2018
    marco posted in MapPointAnnotation event.

    Hi @ferdinando.cecchini we'll add the DidSelectAnnotation/DidDeselectAnnotation events to MapView in the next upcoming release (we also added a tag property to the MapPointAnnotation class).
    We are also working on a way to offer the users the ability to customise MapPointAnnotation.

  8. Sun Oct 14 06:29:22 2018
    marco posted in Resetting sqlite database.

    Hi @ingurgite it was a small bug we already fixed in our internal build. A new version with that fix will be available soon.

  9. 2 weeks ago
    Thu Oct 4 16:35:40 2018

    @FrujitStudio the problem is that Window2 is outside Navigation1. if you move Window2 inside Navigation then everything works fine and this would be the correct way to proceed.

    If for some reason you need Window2 outside Navigation1 then you need to present it before anything else with a code like: 
    Window1.openIn(Navigation1, {
        Window1.View1.WebView1.url = "";
  10. Thu Oct 4 12:34:19 2018

    @FrujitStudio yes please send me a sample project and let me know what you want to achieve. Thanks.

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