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    Sun Aug 19 06:21:23 2018
    marco posted in In-App purchase?.

    @Joy it is a planned feature (very important for our users) so we'll add support for it within a couple of updates.

  2. Sun Aug 19 06:20:19 2018
    marco posted in Future pricing.

    @Joy we are doing our best in order to add support for Android later this year but we want to support it in the right way and with the best possible experience for our users. This is a huge task that requires a lot of time. We haven't yet an estimate release date for this feature.

  3. Sun Aug 19 06:16:18 2018
    marco posted in Templates.

    @Joy we'll offer templates and assets, code, plugins in-app store. We need some more time in order to add support for all of them.

  4. Sun Aug 19 06:15:02 2018
    marco posted in Admob.

    @Joy we are adding support for external plugins to Creo and AdMod will be one of the first external plugins available.

  5. Sun Aug 19 06:14:13 2018

    @Joy we'll release a new Creo version pretty soon and we'll add suppor for iPhoneX safe area (this will fix the issue you reported).

  6. Sun Aug 19 06:13:09 2018
    marco posted in extra tutorials.

    Thanks for the suggestion @Joy :-)
    As soon as we'll add support for Firebase it should be easy to add chat capabilities.

  7. last week
    Tue Aug 7 06:43:29 2018
    marco posted in Use SQLite.

    Hi @Yugo the best way is to follow this tutorial

  8. 2 weeks ago
    Wed Aug 1 19:47:49 2018

    Hi @jtcreate no project timeframes yet available.
    It is a very ambitious project and we prefer to play safe and not sell any false promise.

  9. Wed Aug 1 13:55:21 2018
    marco posted in Apple Watch.

    Hi @mightymango you mean when Creo will be able to create Apple Watch apps?

  10. Tue Jul 31 20:25:23 2018
    marco posted in Map usage.

    @Snadert please try with the latest 1.0.8 version and let me know if you have issues.

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