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  1. 5 days ago
    Fri Jul 12 11:15:58 2019

    @Marc please let me know if you build some cool theme to share with other users!

  2. last week
    Wed Jul 10 06:14:06 2019

    Hi @Marc, we added themes customization in the latest Creo version:

  3. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Jun 20 20:22:06 2019
    marco posted in Named arguments.

    Hi @Marc yes I agree and named arguments are already 3/4 implemented so you can expect that feature in the near future.

  4. Thu Jun 20 16:46:53 2019
    marco posted in Method overloading.

    If you want to be safe for future language improvements then you can write:

    class Person {
    	var _age
    	var _name 
    	func SetDefaults(name = "John Doe" , age = 0) {
    		 if (name) _name = name
    		if (age) _age = age	

    please note that instead of SetDefaults you could have an init function (the constructor) so your code will be much more easier to read. There is a small bug in the init constructor (when called with a different number of arguments) so you should wait few days for the next upcoming release.

  5. Thu Jun 20 16:08:14 2019
    marco posted in Method overloading.

    What about:

    class Person {
    	var _age = 0
    	var _name = "John Doe"
    	func SetDefaults(name , age) {
    		 if (name) _name = name
    		if (age) _age = age	

    Then you can call:

    var p = Person();
    p.SetDefaults("John", 30);
  6. Thu Jun 20 14:52:40 2019
    marco posted in Method overloading.

    Hi @Marc you mean method overloading for Creo native controls and classes?

  7. 4 weeks ago
    Wed Jun 19 14:39:37 2019

    Hi @Marc you can expect it exposed in the next upcoming release

  8. Fri Jun 14 20:18:09 2019
    marco posted in Theme editor.

    Hi @Marc, everything can be customized with a JSON file.
    You can expect theme customization in the next version.

  9. 2 months ago
    Mon May 13 09:48:06 2019
    marco posted in Customview drag n drop .

    Thanks a lot @Joel_Eisenstat we was able to reproduce the issue and it will be fixed in the next release.

  10. Wed May 8 06:48:03 2019
    marco posted in CreoPlayer 2.0.7 Crashes.

    Thanks @Joel_Eisenstat we already submitted a new fixed CreoPlayer 2.0.8 version.

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