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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Wed Jan 1 17:24:42 2020

    Hi @FrujitStudio so pressing the toggle button or pressing ⌘6 keystroke again does not work?
    Does the issue occurs in one project only or in all projects?

  2. 6 weeks ago
  3. Thu Dec 5 09:54:25 2019
    marco posted in Repeated program crash.

    Hi @kiwi, we just released the new version, you can download it from:

  4. Tue Dec 3 19:33:52 2019
    marco posted in Repeated program crash.

    Thanks @kiwi, we fixed an issue and a new version will be released within a day.

  5. Tue Dec 3 06:53:31 2019
    marco posted in Countdown.

    What is the CountdownTimer widget?

  6. Tue Dec 3 06:52:45 2019
    marco posted in Repeated program crash.

    Can you please send me the project file?

  7. 8 weeks ago
    Tue Nov 19 06:55:58 2019
    marco posted in API.

    Hi @helio.costa, where data is visualised? If it is in a TableView you can use:

  8. Tue Nov 19 06:54:11 2019
    marco posted in Lottie animations.

    Hi @luciandesign not yet I am sorry.

  9. 2 months ago
    Wed Oct 30 16:23:59 2019

    @ingurgite when this code is executed? Do you need to replace the default first window with something else? Is that window opened inside a NavigationBar or what?

  10. Tue Oct 22 06:28:40 2019

    Hi @FrujitStudio, I attached a simple Creo project that shows you how to call Creo methods from within Javascript (you need to use the webkit.messageHandlers).

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