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  1. 3 years ago
    Thu Jul 30 07:08:46 2020

    Hi @cantoryakov you can request a provisioning profile directly at
    You can follow a well written tutorial from:

  2. Mon Jun 29 06:13:05 2020

    Hi @benmoodie you do not need to register for an Apple Dev Program. Even without a certificate you can create and execute apps with the built-in simulator or with the official Apple iOS simulator installed with Xcode.

  3. 4 years ago
    Mon Jun 1 06:30:22 2020

    In Creo 2.4 (to be released in few days) there will be a new Show User Code feature that will list all the code added by user to a project (with name and full path to the objects).

    The output will look like the attached screenshot.

  4. Wed Apr 22 19:29:38 2020

    Hello @Alan LeRoy I think that by using double backslashes you'll be able to solve.
    Something like:

    return "\\(\(theData[0...2])\) - \(theData[3...5]) - \(theData[6...9])"
  5. Mon Mar 23 14:29:16 2020
    marco posted in Identifier not found.

    It is better to use the latest version from our website:

  6. Mon Mar 23 14:00:00 2020
    marco posted in Identifier not found.

    Hello @Torriep, it works fine for me with the latest Creo version.
    Are you sure to have the latest version?

  7. Mon Mar 23 07:31:05 2020
    marco posted in Identifier not found.

    Hi @Torriep can you please send me that project?
    You can attach it to this conversation.

  8. Sat Mar 14 09:48:30 2020
    marco posted in CreoPlayer Runtime Error.

    Well, there are a lot of cases... for example from the first error message that you posted it seems that value was a CustomView. How can a CustomView object be converted to a String? This is not possibile.

  9. Sat Mar 14 07:21:11 2020
    marco posted in CreoPlayer Runtime Error.

    Hi @Joel_Eisenstat it seems that at some point in CreoPlayer a value different from a String is sent to that method. var d = String(value) could not be sufficient if value cannot be converted to a String.
    What you can try to do is to add a check for a class type before the String transformation.
    I would write something like:

    if (value is String) {
       date.text = value[0...9];
  10. Fri Mar 13 14:06:27 2020
    marco posted in CreoPlayer Runtime Error.

    You are receiving that error because some times value is not a String but it is something else.
    Please try to Console.write(value.class); to better understand why/when this happens

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