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    Tue Nov 1 06:17:54 2016
    Kwint posted in Steam Profiles Project.

    Any feedback ?

  2. Thu Oct 27 09:43:07 2016
    Kwint started the conversation Steam Profiles Project.

    Hey Guys,

    Here is how much I was able to build so far using Creo.
    I'm now stuck, lacking tutorials and proper documentation.

    Request2 is getting a list of IDs.
    I want to use this list of ID to run the "UserInfo" query that I'm using in Request1, and retrieve the list of the content link to the IDs.

    As you can see I've setup a SQLite, my intention was to push the ID received to a Table, and use the table to Query the API sing all the stored ID. I don't even know if this is the right method. I'm just stuck.

    A bit of help please ?

    Thank you,

  3. Thu Oct 27 09:37:43 2016
    Kwint started the conversation Tutorial Binding Feature/SQLite.


    Could you guys please do a quick tutorial on how to use the Binding feature. It feels like it is going to be a powerful tool but I can't get a clue of how it works.
    Same with the SQLite DB and Queries.

    Thank you

  4. Thu Oct 27 09:06:59 2016

    Could part of the solution be something like using a SQLite DB to store all the received IDs and use the DB to run another set of requests and then populate another UITable ?

    We could use a bit of help here, and some mush welcome Tutorials!


  5. Wed Oct 26 00:19:01 2016
    Kwint posted in Saving.

    Hey @marco ,yes I get that you Auto save is in. But most of the time, when Creo crashes, I also lost the latest changes I'be made.

    Cmd+S is both a psychologically mind-ease feature that most people use everything 5 seconds, and a useful tools in case of crash!

  6. Tue Oct 25 03:29:47 2016
    Kwint started the conversation Saving.

    Hey Guys,

    It is very disturbing not to have a normal Cmd+S to save ongoing work.
    Even more since Creo crashes a lot, being able to save work for sure is a great deal. Also, it is kind of a very basic feature, like in Xcode or... like everywhere :)

    Also, the cmd+Z to go back seems to not always work.

  7. Tue Oct 25 02:14:14 2016
    Kwint started the conversation Using an API response to create another API call.

    Hey Guys,

    Here is what I'm trying to do:

    I have an HTTPClient connection to Steam API, recovering my profile.
    It also give me a list of all my Owned Games IDs.
    How can I take all these IDs, and call another API/request to fetch actual details of these games ? And show them in a list.

    Thank you!

  8. Thu Oct 20 06:08:32 2016
    Kwint posted in Beta 5 when??.

    @marco Following @virtualbrands questions:

    Can you give us any timeline. The lack of communication from your side is starting to become an issue.
    We are trying to get involve in this Beta thing so far but we waited more than 6 months with almost not a single word from your side.

    In the meantime, some of us are trying other tools, even learning Xcode to seem extend.
    We were expecting Beta five, we got 4.2 without Side App.
    I understand you are busy, so we are and still taking time to test your product.

    You should be more careful with you communication and share more of your progress.

    Thank you,

  9. Tue Oct 18 06:48:33 2016
    Kwint posted in Beta 5 when??.

    Give it to meeeeeeeee

  10. Tue Oct 18 06:42:56 2016
    Kwint posted in Beta 5 when??.


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