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  1. 2 years ago
    Tue Apr 12 12:02:50 2016
    knarfje started the conversation Grouping controls.

    I'm trying to create a menu that slides over a table cell. That means that I need a graphic control with a couple of buttons to slide in as a group. It would be nice to group them together. Then I can animate the whole group as one control.

  2. Tue Apr 12 11:59:29 2016
    knarfje started the conversation Point of origin of control.

    I've found something 'annoying'.
    When creating a animation it takes the centre of the control as the point of measurement. Can you please change it to the top left of the control? It makes creating animations a lot easier.

  3. Tue Apr 12 11:56:33 2016
    knarfje posted in Animation in CustomView.

    Thanx for the reply. I worked out now how to create the animation.

  4. Tue Apr 5 12:22:23 2016
    knarfje posted in Animation in CustomView.

    I've tried again in b4 to create an animation in a CustomView but it is still not possible.
    Do you have an update on it?

  5. Thu Mar 31 14:31:06 2016
    knarfje started the conversation Extra Fonts.

    Is there a way to add another font to the list of fonts in Creo?
    Adding a font in the Fonts folder on my Mac doesn't work.

  6. Thu Feb 11 14:24:20 2016
    knarfje started the conversation Animation in CustomView.

    I would like to create a animation in a CustomView.
    So every cell in my table should have a met sliding in from right to left (and back)

    Currently (b2), when I try to create it in my CustomView the animation part is greyed out.

  7. Wed Feb 10 15:06:47 2016
    knarfje posted in Core Data.

    First let me start by stating that I'm not a programmer. I know a bit about code and SQL but most of the time I need examples that I can use as a reference.
    I've found the way to use sqlite to fill a TableView with a CustomView. But I need some help in how to write data from within Creo. Also I want to connect the data to an image.

    So I want a window with a form to fill in some data together with an image.
    And another window with a TableView showing the list of records together with the (small) image.

    How do I do that?

  8. Wed Feb 10 13:00:26 2016
    knarfje posted in Code hints.

    I've had the same problem. But when you rename the zip (the folder) to app.creoproject it opens with no problems in Creo

  9. Tue Feb 9 11:41:09 2016
    knarfje started the conversation Core Data.

    I'm wondering if it is possible not to use a database or other external source to store user data.
    I believe it's called Core Data in Xcode.
    And if it is possible, how does it work?

  10. Tue Feb 9 11:27:49 2016
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