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    Wed Mar 2 14:35:05 2016
    christhomas started the conversation Gravity - why?.

    I'm really confused. The product looks awesome and I'm sure could genuinely lower the barriers of entry to mobile app development. Clearly you've spent a lot of time making it as easy to use as possible.

    And then entirely contrary to making things easier to learn, you invent a new scripting language for it. Why?

    As a relative newcomer to mobile development I've found the massive JavaScript ecosystem utterly invaluable - tutorials, online lessons, code snippets, frameworks, editors with auto-syntax-completion, supported back-end services and simply the millions of other JavaScript developers out there who are happy to help.

    Why doesn't your product use a language with massive worldwide support, instead of inventing your own, no matter how good it might be?

    Such a disappointment - it feels like you've invented the easy-to-use tool I've been longing for and then deliberately erected a barrier to its use.

    Thanks though.


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