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    Fri Sep 15 20:14:30 2017
    TheMexican posted in TextField Width.

    Thank You, it worked!

  2. Fri Sep 15 17:28:57 2017
    TheMexican started the conversation Validate Mysql Username and Password.

    I have a window with a username and password TextFields. The Window also has a MysqlDatabase Object with the properties username and password empty.
    What I want is to validate the username and password used to connect to the database.
    I noticed the MySQLdatabase Object has a connect() method but it doesn't return anything. How can I validate username and password. This is the code I have on the Button Action to login:

    wsDB.username = txtUsername.text;
    awsDB.password = txtPassword.text;
    awsDB.database = "shift";
    if (awsDB.isError){
    	lblError.text = "Invalid username or password";
    lblError.hidden = false;
    Console.write(awsDB.errorCode + " --" + awsDB.errorMessage);

    Any suggestions??

  3. Fri Sep 15 16:38:42 2017
    TheMexican started the conversation TextField Width.

    I cannot increase the width of a TextField. It stays at 30.
    Is this by design or is this a bug?

  4. Sat Sep 9 19:00:05 2017
    TheMexican posted in CubeSql support?.

    I am also still using CubeSQL + Xojo for some of my projects. It works flawlessly!!
    Good job Marco!!

  5. Sat Sep 9 18:58:34 2017
    TheMexican started the conversation Secure TextField cannot read inputted text.

    I have a TextField (txtPassword) and I have set the property to "Secure Text Mode" on the inspector so users can enter passwords.
    I am trying to read what the user has typed on this secured TextField by using the following:
    txtPassword.text and it gives me the actual dots that cover the entry ......
    txtPassword.rawText it gives me a null value

    Am I doing something wrong? How can i read the value of a Secured Text Field??

    Thanks !!

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    Sun Jan 29 17:07:39 2017
    TheMexican started the conversation MariaDB Connection Unresponsive Creo.

    I have a MariaDB database on Amazon AWS. This is a test database so there is no real data there.
    When I create a Mysql connection object on Creo and enter the host and credentials, Creo becomes unresponsive and it never connects.
    I know credentials work because I can connect using other DB Management tool like Sequel Pro.
    Please try:
    Username: test
    password: test123

    Like I said the data is not real.
    Let me know if this is a bug or an issue on my part.

  7. Sun Nov 13 19:12:37 2016
    TheMexican posted in Query Editor.

    Weird, without modifying the connection the databases and the dropdown appeared!!
    See screenshot.

  8. Sun Nov 13 18:59:22 2016
    TheMexican started the conversation Query Editor.

    The Query Editor has a heading that says "Tables" but it actually shows the databases in the current connection. See attached picture.

  9. Sun Nov 13 18:50:32 2016
    TheMexican posted in Rename SQL Connection.


  10. Sat Nov 12 18:10:45 2016
    TheMexican started the conversation Rename SQL Connection.

    I have a Mysql connection under Objects.
    I right click on the Mysql1 object and a pop up menu comes up. I choose "Rename" and nothing happens. Bug or this feature not implemented yet??


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