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    Fri Jul 20 15:29:15 2018
    TheMexican posted in Map usage.

    I believe I saw it somewhere in this forum that in the near future you may be able to do that. I am not sure if that is the case.

  2. Fri Jul 20 15:27:19 2018
    TheMexican posted in Scrolling Window.

    Hi @Joel_Eisenstat , any chance you can send a quick project showing the animation to be able to see fields? I am having the issue where the Keyboard blocks the actual text field.

  3. Wed Jul 18 15:10:22 2018
    TheMexican started the conversation Scrolling Window.

    Any ideas on creating a scrolling window (scroll down)? I have a lot of fields that need to be filled up by user and I would like for the user to scroll down instead of splitting the number of fields in various screens.

    Please advise, thanks!!

  4. Wed Jul 18 03:38:03 2018
    TheMexican posted in Select row in TableView.

    Thank you @marco , I got confused because the documentation says
    "super: Object

    This class is reserved and cannot be directly instantiated. The NSIndexPath class represents the path to a specific node in a tree of nested array collections. Each index in an index path represents the index into an array of children from one node in the tree to another, deeper, node."

    I am still learning the difference between initializing using a function and creating an instance.

  5. Sun Jul 15 19:12:18 2018
    TheMexican posted in Select row in TableView.

    Here is a screenshot

  6. Sun Jul 15 19:11:20 2018
    TheMexican started the conversation Select row in TableView.

    I have been struggling to select a row programmatically in a TableView. I want to select the second row when the window shows.

    What I can get from the documentation is that to select a row you can use the Tableview.selectRow(indexPath,animated,ScrollPosition)

    so I have the following code in the Window's DidShow event:

    var secRow = TableView1.indexPathForRowAtPoint(Point(1,0));
    Console.write("index Path = \(secRow)");
    TableView1.selectRow(secRow, true, 0);    //Gives me an error because secRow is null

    var secRow is always null

    I have tried to change the Point(0,1) but same result.
    Please Advise

    I am attaching project if that helps.

  7. Fri Jul 13 22:16:52 2018
    TheMexican posted in Apple reject application.

    @marco, you are famous for the many products you developed. CubeSQL and the many Sqlite tools.
    Of course, you will be more famous once you fully developed Creo.
    There are many create-iPad-apps tools out there, but your reputation is the one that encouraged me to purchased a Creo license.

  8. Fri Jul 13 19:42:19 2018
    TheMexican posted in Apple reject application.

    @webapplication4you what is the name of your App in the App Store?
    Just curious, since it may officially be the first one ever using Creo. (Not counting Creoplayer)
    Good job!!

  9. Fri Jul 13 16:18:24 2018
    TheMexican posted in Apple reject application.

    I am also coming from Xojo :)

  10. Wed Jul 11 17:48:15 2018
    TheMexican posted in MySQL Text Field as Null.

    Not sure how to send privately.
    here is the SQL code to recreate the table.

    CREATE TABLE `patients` (
    	`mrn` VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,
    	`notes` TEXT NULL,
    	PRIMARY KEY (`mrn`)

    Let me know if I need to send project privately, but let me know how to send.

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