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    Thu May 24 16:02:13 2018
    andrea posted in Control Flow.

    Hi @Joel_Eisenstat , if the sql var is declared in the if or else context is only visible inside that context. You should declare the variable outside the if statement, for example:

    var sql;
    if (placementrow != 5 ) {
       sql = 'SELECT * FROM "Chart_Document" WHERE "patid" = \(self.identifier) AND "type" = \(placementrow)';
    } else { // all documents 
       sql = 'SELECT * FROM "Chart_Document" WHERE "patid" = \(self.identifier)';
  2. 2 days ago
    Wed May 23 16:35:46 2018
    andrea posted in Airtable API connectivity.

    Hi, in the new version 1.0b21 released today contains various improvements to the HTTPRequest class.

    If you need variable components of the path, you can now add entries in the path section of the parameters in the inspector (see attached image). Then you can move the token at the desired position of the path. The HTTPRequest instance will replace this token with the current value of that property when executing the run() method. If you want to change the value of that token, you can set it programmatically with the name of the token, for example for a token named recordID you can do:

    HTTPClient1.Request.recordID = 12345;

    Or you can change the path tokens by overriding the value of the pathParameters Map:

    HTTPClient1.Request.pathParameters = ["recordID" : "12345"];

    @VinDo, can you please give me more datails on this issue:

    (I'm using a variation of the LetsCook tutorial - using a HTTPClient instead of the local SQL - and still struggling to get the HTTPRequest to update the second window...)

  3. Wed May 23 16:15:49 2018
    andrea posted in Nested JSON in HTTPrequest.

    Hi @henry_cho, in the new version 1.0b21 released today contains various improvements to the HTTPRequest class.
    You can now set the bodyParameters property to any objects that can be converted to a JSON, in your example you can set it to a Map with the following code:

    Airtable.Update.body = ["fields" : ["small cup qty" : 40] ]
  4. 2 weeks ago
    Wed May 9 18:13:40 2018
    andrea posted in Airtable API connectivity.

    Hi @VinDo ,
    I don't know this particular API from Airtable, however, you can configure a query parameter of an HTTPRequest by writing directly the variable in the request URL or by setting it in the Query parameters (see the attached image).
    The query parameter can be then changed by accessing it like a property of the HTTPRequest, for example:
    HTTPClient1.Request.recordID = 12345;;

    If you need any help or further information please send me your project.

  5. 4 weeks ago
    Fri Apr 27 15:07:56 2018

    Hi @henry_cho, the errors are caused by a bug in the current version of Creo, a new version that will fix this bug (and many other improvements) will be released next week.

    Meanwhile, I've added a workaround to your project in the NewImage event of the CameraRoll1 to avoid the double invocation that causes the error, please see the attached file.

  6. Thu Apr 26 19:59:55 2018

    Hi @henry_cho, you just need to set the Imgur.upload.image property with a string value, in this case a Base64 encoded value from the image data as specified by the API provider. So your code must be: Imgur.upload.image = ImageData.base64();
    Please see the attached file, I've also added some code to the NewValue event of the request object (upload) to print the response from imgur to the console.

  7. 5 months ago
    Wed Dec 13 14:25:43 2017
    andrea posted in Arrange objects.

    Grouping controls is a planned feature and it will be available in the near future.
    Creo has no limitations about the number of objects per window/view (double check the runtime memory requirements on the iOS device).

  8. 7 months ago
    Mon Sep 25 08:31:50 2017
    andrea posted in Keypath.

    Hi @Joel_Eisenstat ,
    We may expose in a future release the "index" property for the View control to choose the index value from a dataset (like the "index" property of the PageContainer).
    For now, you can set the property of the View programmatically (you must remove the DataSet from the View in your WindowX):

    WindowX.View1.exposedPropertyCustomer = DB.Query.stringValue(columnIndexOfTheCustomerName);

    Let me know if you need any further information.

  9. 8 months ago
    Fri Sep 22 08:22:08 2017

    Hi @Yugo, the date picker should use the date format defined by the locale but, because of a bug, the design board and the simulator are showing the "month day year" format for all the locales. We will fix this issue as soon as possible.
    This bug doesn't affect the CREOPlayer and the exported Apps running on a device.

  10. Fri Sep 15 18:57:20 2017
    andrea posted in TextField Width.

    Hi @TheMexican,
    the fixed value of 30 for the height of the TextField is a 'suggestion' by Apple (Human Interface Guidelines, and also the Interface Builder in XCode doesn't allow to change the height), not a real constraint of the control. For this reason, the TextField inspector prevents you to change the height, but if you really need to do so you can change it programmatically. For example, you can add the following code to the DidShow event of the window which contains your text fields:
    TextField1.frame.size.height = 50;

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