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  1. 4 weeks ago
    Wed Jun 19 09:59:29 2019
    andrea posted in Auth0 - Identity Management.

    a new deleteAccessToken method for the HTTPClient objects will be available in the next release, with an improved naming of the tokens in the keychain.

  2. Tue Jun 18 13:30:30 2019
    andrea posted in Auth0 - Identity Management.

    The token is stored in the keychain, you can manually delete it from the keychain (look for AFOAuthCredentialService).
    We are working to add a way to programmatically manage those tokens.

  3. 5 weeks ago
    Fri Jun 7 14:03:44 2019
    andrea posted in Auth0 - Identity Management.

    Hi @VinDo

    1) The WebView shows the login page just once because after a successful login the token is stored in the browser's cookies and this token is used until the expiration date (or until the cookie is deleted)

    2) You can't open a custom redirect URL in the Creo Simulator and in the CreoPlayer because both apps are only registered to receive URLs with schema "com.creolabs.creo", but your app will receive your custom URL if you build the IPA and install it on an iOS device.

    3) You can more easily use the Auth0 API with the OAuth2 authentication parameters of the HTTPClient object, please see the attached example.
    The basic points of this implementation are:
    a) Create an HTTPClient object (Auth0_v2 in the attached example) for your Auth0 Application Domain and set the authentication type to OAuth2 and set the OAuth2 parameters as described in the Auth0 site. Please note that you have to add the Redirect URL for the Creo Simulator/Player com.creolabs.creo://callback to the Allowed Callback URLs in the dashboard of your Auth0 Application to make it work in the Creo Simulator and CreoPlayer, this value will not be used in the built App.
    b) Create an HTTPRequest object (Userinfo) to obtain the info of the logged user and enable the Use Authentication parameter.
    c) Send the Userinfo request and use show the result (see the code in the DidShow event of the loading window). If a valid access token was previously obtained, the request immediately returns the user info; otherwise, it automatically opens the system browser (the mac browser for the Creo Simulator for Mac, the iOS browser on CreoPlayer and on the built App) with the Auth0 authentication page and then, when the user log-in, it automatically stores the access token, returns to the app by calling the callback URL and goes on with the Userinfo request by attaching the access token as the authorization bearer in the request's header.

  4. 7 weeks ago
    Fri May 24 20:38:27 2019

    Hi @HopkinWatson,
    as stated in the documentation of the Exporter :

    With this first exporter, Creo can export a Swift project where all views and windows are in it. Logic is not exported yet, just the view hierarchies

    You can compile your project directly within Creo, without the need to use Xcode, and send the built App to a real device or submit it to the App Store. The Exporter is recently added feature and it will be improved over time.

  5. 8 weeks ago
    Wed May 22 13:35:24 2019
    andrea posted in Navigation Items.

    The customized NavBackItem must belong to the Window1 if you want to see it after pushing Window2.
    The back button is used to go back to the previous window, so its content is defined by the previous Window, not the current one.
    Please see the modified example.

  6. 2 months ago
    Tue May 7 13:55:47 2019
    andrea posted in Navigation Items.

    Hi @Luiz D'Aniello

    1. You can programmatically change the position of the image of a BarButtonItem by customizing its imageInsets property (new in Creo 2.0.7)

    2. The back button shows the NavBackItem of the previous Window, so if you add a NavBackItem to a Window it is presented when you push another Window and your window is the second object in the navigation stack.

  7. Thu Apr 25 15:35:46 2019
    andrea posted in Background Color.

    This issue will be fixed in the next release, thank you for reporting.

  8. Wed Apr 24 05:15:23 2019
    andrea posted in CI Gradient Filters.

    This issue will be fixed in the next release, thank you for reporting.

  9. Thu Apr 18 20:36:46 2019
    andrea posted in Background Color.

    Hi @Luiz D'Aniello, I tried to get the same issue with a simple project with some Shape but I'm unable to reproduce it. For example, I don't see any issue caused by switching the selection from a shape object to the other in the attached project.
    Can you please help us to reproduce the problem?

  10. 3 months ago
    Wed Apr 10 22:05:07 2019
    andrea posted in Padding inside textfield.

    @Luiz D'Aniello ,
    all these bugs will be fixed with the next release, thank you for reporting them.

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