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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Aug 30 13:38:04 2019
    andrea posted in Single vs Double Tap.

    Hi @ingurgite , the `requireToFail()` method is included in the newly released version and it is documented in the superclass documentation: UIGestureRecognizer

  2. 4 weeks ago
    Thu Aug 15 16:11:44 2019

    Hi @ingurgite,
    you could use a container View with the flex layout engine enabled and with the Auto Content Size property set to the Flex value. Then put three Label controls inside the container View, one for the title, one for the subtitle and one with the multiline option flagged for the long text; each one with flex enabled. The content size of the container View will automatically adjust with the space needed by the three inner controls. Just adjust the padding and the margin from the flex inspector of the controls.
    Please see the attached example:


  3. 5 weeks ago
    Fri Aug 9 20:12:23 2019
    andrea posted in move item.

    Hi @Luiz D'Aniello, thank you for reporting the issue, this behavior will be improved in the next version.

  4. Tue Aug 6 20:37:44 2019
    andrea posted in Tap on Scrollable Text.

    Hi @ingurgite, the TapGesture added to a TextView works fine in iOS devices and in Apple's iOS Simulators. There is a bug preventing tap on a TextView in our Creo Simulato in some cases, we are working to fix this issue with our simulator.

  5. Tue Aug 6 14:32:22 2019
    andrea posted in Single vs Double Tap.

    thank you for your feedback, we'll check this issue

  6. Tue Aug 6 13:09:26 2019
    andrea posted in Single vs Double Tap.

    @ingurgite, the new official release will be available in about two weeks.
    In the meantime, you could try the new beta release that includes this new method:
    Creo build18340

  7. Mon Aug 5 21:12:44 2019
    andrea posted in Text secure mode.

    Thank you @Joel_Eisenstat for reporting, this issue will be fixed with the next release.

  8. Mon Aug 5 14:38:21 2019
    andrea posted in Single vs Double Tap.

    A new function for the gesture recognizer objects, named requireToFail(), will be available in the next release.
    You will be able to add the following code in the WillShow event of the container of the two tap gestures:
    (where TapGesture1 is the single-tap and TapGesture2 is the double-tap)

  9. 6 weeks ago
    Wed Jul 31 15:59:47 2019
    andrea posted in Single vs Double Tap.

    Hi @ingurgite
    we'll do our best to add a way to fire a gesture (in your case the single-tap) only when another gesture fails (in your case the double-tap) in the next release.

  10. 2 months ago
    Wed Jun 19 09:59:29 2019
    andrea posted in Auth0 - Identity Management.

    a new deleteAccessToken method for the HTTPClient objects will be available in the next release, with an improved naming of the tokens in the keychain.

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