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  1. 8 months ago
    Thu Sep 14 11:18:50 2017
    matteolovatti posted in Creo beta 1.0b14.

    A big thumb up for custom classes!! Awesome, thanks!

  2. 11 months ago
    Thu May 25 15:30:56 2017
    matteolovatti posted in Change the title of a button.

    Thanks @andrea

  3. Thu May 25 14:50:21 2017
    matteolovatti started the conversation Change the title of a button.

    Hello !
    just fired the new Beta 6, dragged a button and in the action event put the code

    self.title = "Hello";

    The button changes correctly it's title but i also get this error in the log..

    Runtime Error
    An error occurred while writing key title (NSConcreteAttributedString initWithString:: nil value).

    Honestly i haven't played very mush with Creo in the last months so maybe i'm missing something ?


  4. last year
    Fri Nov 18 10:11:12 2016
    matteolovatti posted in b5.4.

    @marco had the error too...


  5. 2 years ago
    Mon Feb 22 13:13:11 2016
    matteolovatti posted in Table with Multiple Lines in Cells?.

    Hello, try to take a look at this video .
    Currently only the built in simulator is available, but they should have out soon an app that let's you do test on a real device.

  6. Wed Feb 10 12:15:31 2016
    matteolovatti posted in Code hints.

    mmm strange... let's try with a zip !

  7. Mon Feb 8 22:47:19 2016
    matteolovatti posted in Code hints.

    Found how to call a method finally ! If you're interested look at this example.

  8. Mon Feb 8 18:33:59 2016
    matteolovatti started the conversation Code hints.

    Hello !

    can we get some hints on how to perform operations like pass a variable between windows, invoke a method or change a database query via code ?

    Been trying to get it myself in b2 but had no luck :(


  9. Mon Jan 18 15:53:42 2016
    matteolovatti joined the forum.