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  1. 3 years ago
    Thu Mar 28 08:32:47 2019
    plug123 started the conversation JSON.parse and JSON.stringify.

    Creo already supports JSON. Strangely it does not offer JSON.parse and JSON.stringify functions.

    Please expose these functions, so we can work with JSON data coming from databases or files.

  2. Tue Oct 30 17:20:31 2018

    Thank you Marco.

    You missed one question regarding the JSON functions. Will that also be in the next version?

  3. Mon Oct 22 12:21:14 2018
    plug123 started the conversation Questions regarding JSON and Regex.

    I have a few questions.

    1. I would like to work with JSON data coming from files or a database. But I can't seem to find functions like JSON.parse or JSON.stringify. Am I missing something?

    2. I also don't see any functions for working with regular expressions. Is this supported?

    3. I would like to use a PickerView with a hard coded list/array. Alternatively data coming from a JSON file. How can I create a DataSet object from such data sources?

    Thank you.

  4. Thu Oct 18 14:46:13 2018
    plug123 posted in Interactive debugger.


  5. Thu Oct 18 11:54:21 2018
    plug123 started the conversation Interactive debugger.

    Are there any plans for an interactive debugger, so we can step through the code line-by-line and inspect variables?

  6. Thu Oct 18 11:53:19 2018
    plug123 started the conversation Export project to text files.

    Is it possible to export a project to a text file, so that we can use it with git and follow more clearly which changes were made?

  7. 6 years ago
    Mon Jan 18 17:41:30 2016
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