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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Tue May 28 01:10:44 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in Date.dateWithDaysBeforeNow().

    of course got it after hitting send :(

  2. Tue May 28 01:00:55 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat started the conversation Date.dateWithDaysBeforeNow().

    I require to set the date to the first day of the month for various dates. Can the dateWithDaysBeforeNow() func be used for other than the current date ? Tried someDate.dateWithDaysBefore(Int) but it seems to always default to Date(). The workaround is to convert the date to a string and inject '01' using split and then back to a date object . My lazy side is looking for an easier way ;)

  3. 4 weeks ago
    Sun May 12 20:27:26 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat started the conversation Customview drag n drop .

    For 2.0.8 drag n dropping a custom view from project to project crashes Creo.

  4. 5 weeks ago
    Tue May 7 23:44:23 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat started the conversation CreoPlayer 2.0.7 Crashes.

    CreoPlayer 2.0.7 crashes immediately when loading the apps on iPad Pro 11".

  5. 7 weeks ago
    Mon Apr 22 10:32:07 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in Duplicate Window Crash.

    Just copied the project and duplicated the window that previously caused the problem. This time it went as expected so I assume it was a corruption anomaly of a single TableView.

  6. 8 weeks ago
    Fri Apr 19 12:03:21 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in Duplicate Window Crash.

    Will work back and replicate the duplication issue likely on Monday after the holiday weekend. Once I have it the project will be sent privately.
    Have a great weekend

  7. 2 months ago
    Mon Apr 15 15:33:46 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in Duplicate Window Crash.

    Narrowed to a TableView and renamed var's, copied/pasted methods/objects and eliminated the 'hard' crash.
    I recognize larger projects combining small Creo projects with dragndrop and duplicating windows, etc. will sometimes cause corruption for some of the files but if possible a crash log to identify the fault would be a great help.
    Creo typically is very stable and the new version is quite fast.
    The search tool is very useful when duplicating but even better if it can be expanded to include a replace tool as well.
    Keep up the good work !

  8. Mon Apr 15 14:27:05 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in Duplicate Window Crash.

    In moving objects one by one I have narrowed the issue to a single TableView , will upload a sample project if the crash is replicated.

  9. Mon Apr 15 12:21:29 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat started the conversation Duplicate Window Crash.

    I duplicated a window and renamed it . This window caused Creo to crash upon opening in the simulator and CreoPlayer using This also occurred when initialization methods were removed so I assume something occurred in the duplication process.

  10. Fri Apr 12 10:39:17 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in TextView in CustomView.

    I have the user path controlled for updating TextView in a TableView but requires the row to be selected. Is there a way to have TextView use Passthrough Touches ( User Interaction) to invoke row selection in TableView/cell selection ? Or something that mimics that action ?

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