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  1. 4 days ago
    Wed Aug 15 00:16:39 2018
    Joel_Eisenstat started the conversation Insert image to DB.

    In response to a slack inquiry;
    For an image input via camera control the sequence I use ;
    Camera event NewImage - ImageView1.image = image
    Button 'Shutter' Action - Camera1.capture() ;
    Save function excerpt ;
    var image1 = ImageView1.image.JPEGRepresentation(0.8);
    var image2 = image1.base64();

    for Postgres sql VALUE (decode($$\(image2)$$,\'base64\')) for INSERT


  2. 5 days ago
    Mon Aug 13 21:14:23 2018
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in BezierPath to image .

    Thanks Andrea for the detailed response. One other question, how does one clear the newly created BezierPath. I tried setting it to null and redrawing but that doesn't seem to work.

  3. last week
    Sat Aug 11 13:42:15 2018
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in BezierPath to image .

    So far the way forward is to pass the image and the bezierpath separately and then combine them . Note there is a discrepancy between the simulator and CreoPlayer. In the simulator the image and path do NOT align as per the original ( when frame size changes) but DO in CreoPlayer.

  4. Sat Aug 11 01:00:50 2018
    Joel_Eisenstat started the conversation BezierPath to image .

    Hi ,
    I am using the BezierPath class to create an annotation superimposed on an image. It works quite well as View1 is easily placed over an ImageView . The difficulty is converting the path to an image. < func image(): Image Convert the BezierPath to an Image>
    The code used is ; var annImage = View1.path.image(); , where the Console shows <UIImage: 0x6000018ee180> for annimage.
    However ImageView1.image = annimage; draws a blank .
    Also going forward in having the annotation stay with the image I am not sure of the best approach, somehow merge the images
    , record the bezierpath and reproduce it each time, superimpose the images over each other or use a plug in when that is available.
    Any direction is a appreciated.

  5. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Aug 4 10:19:31 2018
    Joel_Eisenstat started the conversation PickViewer CreoPlayer.

    Good morning
    In CreoPlayer the PickViewer displays the row numbers as opposed to the query text . The simulator displays ok.
    V1.1.7 build 7359

  6. 3 weeks ago
    Sun Jul 29 10:10:04 2018
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in Parsing JSON.

    Hi Oliver,
    Create SQLite db to map your json data.
    Push your data to the db
    Use db query to pop the TableView
    Manipulate TableView by looping rows and/or computed property
    Use identifier ( id) of row to create single row query in detail view/window.

  7. Thu Jul 26 09:39:09 2018
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in TextView textAlignment.

    Also only one alignment seems to be allowed within the TextView object. Makes sense. So a report would consist of multiple objects - header, body, subtotal, total sections, etc. Looks like a class object project.
    Any eta on print ? or can a text file be generated and saved to IOS ?

  8. Wed Jul 25 20:07:33 2018
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in TextView textAlignment.

    Got it - thawed the brain freeze - now looks simple
    var color =;
    TextView1.textColor = color;
    var align = TextAlignment.Center;
    TextView1.textAlignment = align;
    rowtext += "Header";

  9. Wed Jul 25 18:16:18 2018
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in TextView textAlignment.

    I tried Markup but is was very messy ;(

  10. Wed Jul 25 18:15:17 2018
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in TextView textAlignment.

    I want to change the alignment programatically so there are multiple settings ( if possible ) within the TextView Object.

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