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  1. 12 hours ago
    Sun Sep 15 13:29:49 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in CustomView.

    Just a guess but may have to do with copy/paste of projects , there is an issue with datasets and var in custom views may be effected as well

  2. yesterday
    Sat Sep 14 21:51:59 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in CustomView.

    Got it , corruption of the variables seemed to be the issue ( even though the spelling was correct) , removed , reloaded and it works .

  3. Sat Sep 14 13:47:29 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat started the conversation CustomView.

    Good morning,
    I have a custom view ( screenshot ) with exposed properties. It loads in the Detail window of PageSplit but not in subsequent windows with the same View setup and code . An error of <Runtime Error Unable to find lastnameLabel into class _View1>
    The code :
    var sql = 'SELECT * FROM "CRM_Pat" WHERE "id" = \(identifier)';
    var rs =;

    View1.lastnameLabel = rs.lastname ;
    View1.firstnamelabel = rs.firstname ;
    View1.patid= ;
    View1.patientimage = rs.pat_image ;

    It did seem to work in previous Creo versions.
    Any direction is appreciated .

  4. 4 days ago
    Wed Sep 11 18:06:57 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat started the conversation PageSplit master table .

    The master table in pagesplit defaults to a width of 0 even with settings set at 320 either by property or by gravity

  5. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Aug 30 09:35:37 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in Maps.

    Got it, switched to string comparison pulling out hh:mm , then used TableView1.scrollToRow(i, 2, true) when true. Using maps was over thinking the problem.

  6. Thu Aug 29 00:25:30 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in Maps.

    Thanks I'll try that. Ultimately trying to highlight the list line that corresponds to the present time , calc the present time and match to the closest date between now and the unit increment. The order doesn't really matter as the map was used to find the line number of the schedule list to highlight.
    So the key used was a date which results in a runtime error ;

    var st = Date();//existing time
    var start = st.format("yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss ZZZ", "TimeZone.system");
    var ed = st.dateByAddingMinutes(15);
    var finish = ed.format("yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss ZZZ", "TimeZone.system");
    Label3.text = ed.format("yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss ZZZ", "TimeZone.system");

    var sql = 'SELECT * FROM"Calendar_Appointment" WHERE "resource_id" = 2 AND "date" >= $$\(start)$$ AND "date" <= $$\(finish)$$';
    var rs =;
    TableView2.dataSet = rs;
    //match Date
    var d =;
    var dd = Date(d,"yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss ZZZ", "TimeZone.system");
    Console.write(; // ok gives date/time now 2019-08-28 08:15:00

    var line = Window1.mappy[dd]; // runtime error
    //Runtime Error
    //Unable to perform operator LOADAT on object

    A list is generated with a single row - dd - but I can't see away to match it to the list in Table1 other than map

  7. Wed Aug 28 19:25:23 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat started the conversation Maps.

    In adding a map element the order seems to change as elements are added. Is there an internal sort ?
    sample code;
    rs.moveFirst(); // walk list to obtain map values - time and row
    var i = 0;
    var mappy = [:];
    var x;
    while (i < rs.rowCount + 1) {
    x = rs.stringValue(1);// date incremented by unit ie 15 minutes
    mappy[i] = x;
    i += 1;
    Results attached

  8. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Aug 22 20:25:26 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in Class methods.

    Thanks Marco, used class objects for "containers " of analytic methods that can easily be reused. Bruised from kicking myself for not doing it before ;(

  9. Thu Aug 22 00:49:46 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat posted in Class methods.

    Got it , moved methods and properties to Class methods , properties

  10. Thu Aug 22 00:38:11 2019
    Joel_Eisenstat started the conversation Class methods.

    In trying to move a number of methods to a Class object I am having an error ;
    Runtime Error
    <Unable to find loaddates into class BookedAnalysis meta >
    when calling the class method ;
    where loaddates() is a method in the BookedAnalysis class object.
    What is the proper way of using the Class object ?

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