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    Wed Jun 21 19:41:56 2017

    Hey @andrea and @marco - is there way to expose DataSet or Keypath of a custom view as a property? I"m having trouble loading nested json objects into nested custom views.

  2. Tue Jun 20 15:53:31 2017
    jsharifi posted in Push Notification.

    This feature would be huge

  3. Fri Jun 9 14:46:00 2017

    @marco Will email one when i get to my desk.

    Thank you so much!

  4. Thu Jun 8 22:40:33 2017

    I"m having an issue with an instagram-like multi-image component where an API request returns a json object that contains multiple image-set objects with multiple image URL's contained in an embedded object. i.e.

    {"ImageObjectName": "First Set", "media" : {"Images": ["ImageUrl.png", ImageUrl.png", "ImageUrl.png"], "otherMedia":"None" }}

    The component is constructed from an imageView within a PageContainer exactly like the ebook tutorial except for the fact the dataset is pulled via an HTTPClient and not Assets. The PageContainer successfully pulls the data as evidenced by the PageScroll dot markers but the Cell Properties (where I would select the imageURL binding) are unselectable when the settings are as follows:

    DataSet: HttpClient.EndpointRequest

    KeyPath: ImageObjectName.[0].media.images

    However, if I use settings:

    DataSet: HttpClient.EndpointRequest


    I can then use the Cell Properties inspector to select media-->images-->(index value) and display individual images. The dot markers however reflect the number of ImageObjects in the entire API response not the number of imageUrls/Images in a specific ImageObject.

    Any idea how to fix this?

  5. Wed Jun 7 19:06:52 2017

    I have a TabBar nav and a PageScroll nav (for the app intro/sign up) nested inside a Regular Navigator. After the PageScroll sequence ends there is a button that signs new users up which also takes them to the main window in the TabBar Nav via Event:Action Open: Main Window In:TabBar using:Default. However, it doesn't work and no transition happens. Any idea why?

  6. Sat Jun 3 22:08:43 2017

    @marco thanks!

  7. Sat Jun 3 22:06:52 2017

    @marco yes

  8. Sat Jun 3 22:06:07 2017

    @marco awesome! Creo is still blowing me away - can't wait to see it in it's first official release

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