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  1. 2 months ago
    Mon Mar 19 10:14:07 2018

    Wow ... thanks! I’ll give it a try!

    Anyway, great video!

  2. Mon Mar 19 08:55:54 2018
    oliver@osswald.com started the conversation OT: How do you make video available on your great homepage?.

    This is slightly off-topic:

    I notice that the background video on your website (http://creolabs.com ) is starting almost immediately, apparently there is no long download latency, no matter what browser is used. It also plays well when I use a tablet. I love that!

    Would you be willing to share with us the magic behind it? It looks like you use maxcdn for content delivery. But then still it is quite amazing, that the video starts playing quite immediately, even on a Safari browser (and not only on Firefox, where one can use .webm video file format for immediate play of a stream).

    Do you use any special plugin or service for this? Thanks in advance for sharing some insight!

  3. 8 months ago
    Fri Sep 15 06:17:07 2017
    oliver@osswald.com started the conversation sample project not found.

    I tried to download the new example project from this page:

    Screenshot of the error:

  4. 11 months ago
    Sun Jun 18 16:46:29 2017
    oliver@osswald.com posted in Signing Identity ?.

    Check if the following has been done, or works for you:

    1. Login to your Apple developer account and create the certificates
    2. Install Xcode, go to preferences, accounts and view details
    3. Download your certificates

    Now you should be able to select them in creo.




  5. Fri Jun 16 13:22:13 2017
    oliver@osswald.com posted in Working HttpClient sample project?.

    Okay, i get it! Thanks marco and tbd!

  6. Fri Jun 16 08:45:30 2017
    oliver@osswald.com posted in Working HttpClient sample project?.

    Thanks tbd! Your example works fine. I don't get it (yet) how the result of the ipinfo.getjson request ends up on Label ip. Where is this magic happening?

    I also tried to modify the example in a way that I can retrieve pure data (no json), from here:


    Any hint on how this would work?

  7. Fri Jun 16 07:08:50 2017
    oliver@osswald.com posted in CubeSql support?.

    Will there be classes for accessing CubeSQLServer, like there is Postgres support?

  8. Fri Jun 16 07:03:00 2017
    oliver@osswald.com posted in Working HttpClient sample project?.

    Currently the spotify tutorial project is no longer working.

    Is anyone willing and able to share a sample project which demonstrates how to use httpclient?

    I would like to find out whether i can communicate with the SIX saferpay payment gateway and also with a private webservice I created with Xojo.

    But I would need some jump-start, a working example, to grasp the Creo way of doing things.

  9. Sun Jun 11 13:26:06 2017
    oliver@osswald.com posted in Using unicode?.

    Ah! Yes, now it works also for me.
    Thanks again!

  10. Sun Jun 11 09:03:22 2017
    oliver@osswald.com started the conversation Using unicode?.

    It looks like unicode characters cannot be used in code-editor, for instance this code does not work:

    View1.difficulty = "★".repeat(5)

    Do you plan to allow unicode characters in code?

    Instead of the 'X' in below code, one then could use a unicode symbol, like a star, etc:

    // retrieve difficulty level from database
    var n = rs.difficulty;
    // show symbol n times
    View1.difficulty = "X".repeat(n)
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