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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Wed Jan 1 17:47:17 2020
    FrujitStudio posted in Unable to show controls panel.

    I have just solved the issue. I have turned Creo into fullscreen and pressed ⌘6 keystroke, controls panel has shown. I have don't think that I should try it on fullscreen.

  2. Tue Dec 31 20:39:59 2019
    FrujitStudio started the conversation Unable to show controls panel.


    I have the newest Creo version (Creo 2.3.2) and I have a problem, that I'm unable to access controls panel. Just after updating to 2.3.2 I could use ⌘6 keystroke or button marked on the screenshot. Now both methods don't work, so I can't access control panels. How can I fix this?

    Wiktor Wójcik

  3. 2 months ago
    Tue Oct 22 14:43:05 2019

    Thanks, Marco.

  4. Mon Oct 21 16:52:05 2019

    Hi. Hi. I am now creating an application using YouTube iFrame in WebView (local HTML/JS). I would like now, that after the fulfilment of a specific condition in JavaScript, the application will change the HTML/JS code in WebView and change properties of some elements in application (outside of WebView). How can I do this?

  5. 9 months ago
    Thu Apr 18 17:24:55 2019

    After removing the icons and re-generating them, the problem still exists.

  6. Thu Apr 18 16:41:42 2019
    1. I can send a private project, but I need an e-mail.
    2. I will try this method and let you know if the problem has been resolved.
  7. Thu Apr 18 16:18:49 2019
    FrujitStudio started the conversation Problem with icons in App Store Connect.

    Good morning.

    I own Creo 2.0.6 and an India license. I have a problem with application icons not being uploaded correctly. The problem occurs when I upload an .ipa file to App Store Connect. The point is that the application icon itself works, but the App Store icon does not work anymore. Instead of my icon I see Creo logo. To create App Store icon and other icons I used built-in Creo generator. I'll add that I tried to generate the icon again, but it didn't work. In the attachments I put photos of the situation.

  8. Tue Apr 16 07:43:34 2019
    FrujitStudio posted in Doer – simple to-do list.

    This is amazing!

  9. Tue Apr 2 05:31:29 2019
    FrujitStudio posted in Plugin and Documentation.

    I will wait. I have a project for iOS, but I would still need a version for Android. Fortunately, I don't have to hurry up.

  10. Mon Apr 1 16:46:51 2019
    FrujitStudio posted in Plugin and Documentation.

    Finally. Plugins will be a very helpful option. However, I would like to ask two questions. In which language and will it be possible to create your own plugins? When will there be an export to Kotlin or creating applications for Android?

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