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    Sun Jan 26 09:55:42 2020
    FrujitStudio posted in Countdown.

    I think he was thinking about DatePicker with Countdown Timer selected.

  2. Wed Jan 1 17:47:17 2020
    FrujitStudio posted in Unable to show controls panel.

    I have just solved the issue. I have turned Creo into fullscreen and pressed ⌘6 keystroke, controls panel has shown. I have don't think that I should try it on fullscreen.

  3. Tue Dec 31 20:39:59 2019
    FrujitStudio started the conversation Unable to show controls panel.


    I have the newest Creo version (Creo 2.3.2) and I have a problem, that I'm unable to access controls panel. Just after updating to 2.3.2 I could use ⌘6 keystroke or button marked on the screenshot. Now both methods don't work, so I can't access control panels. How can I fix this?

    Wiktor Wójcik

  4. Tue Oct 22 14:43:05 2019

    Thanks, Marco.

  5. Mon Oct 21 16:52:05 2019

    Hi. Hi. I am now creating an application using YouTube iFrame in WebView (local HTML/JS). I would like now, that after the fulfilment of a specific condition in JavaScript, the application will change the HTML/JS code in WebView and change properties of some elements in application (outside of WebView). How can I do this?

  6. 5 years ago
    Thu Apr 18 17:24:55 2019

    After removing the icons and re-generating them, the problem still exists.

  7. Thu Apr 18 16:41:42 2019
    1. I can send a private project, but I need an e-mail.
    2. I will try this method and let you know if the problem has been resolved.
  8. Thu Apr 18 16:18:49 2019
    FrujitStudio started the conversation Problem with icons in App Store Connect.

    Good morning.

    I own Creo 2.0.6 and an India license. I have a problem with application icons not being uploaded correctly. The problem occurs when I upload an .ipa file to App Store Connect. The point is that the application icon itself works, but the App Store icon does not work anymore. Instead of my icon I see Creo logo. To create App Store icon and other icons I used built-in Creo generator. I'll add that I tried to generate the icon again, but it didn't work. In the attachments I put photos of the situation.

  9. Tue Apr 16 07:43:34 2019
    FrujitStudio posted in Doer – simple to-do list.

    This is amazing!

  10. Tue Apr 2 05:31:29 2019
    FrujitStudio posted in Plugin and Documentation.

    I will wait. I have a project for iOS, but I would still need a version for Android. Fortunately, I don't have to hurry up.

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