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    Thu Jul 12 13:24:33 2018
    apt posted in Lottie animations.

    This does indeed look great, excited for plugin support.

  2. Thu Jul 12 12:30:46 2018

    Is it possible to programmatically add interactive pins that’s could be used to trigger either popups or other functions?

  3. Sun Jul 8 17:12:48 2018
    apt posted in Local HTML.

    That’s fantastic @marco

  4. Sat Jul 7 10:03:05 2018
    apt posted in Local HTML.

    Totally understand @marco no issues from me regarding Apple wait times, just interested to see if this local html issue is also fixed in new Creoplayer as current Creoplayer (1.1.2) it’s still not working as expected.

    As a side note, are we able to target JavaScript within webviews? I want to be able to trigger Hype animations from within code.

  5. Sat Jul 7 09:05:23 2018
    apt posted in Local HTML.

    Are we waiting for the new Creoplayer test flight version to fix this issue in there? I tested this with current test flight and issue still showing.

  6. Sat Jul 7 09:00:40 2018
    apt posted in Status Bar won't hide.

    @andrea as mention on slack last night I was using the status bar option within app settings, I assumed this would create a global setting for the status bar that’s applied to all navigation/windows (it doesn’t) . I’ve since used the individual status bar option for my navigation controller which works.

  7. Fri Jul 6 21:18:59 2018
    apt started the conversation Status Bar won't hide.

    I've set the status bar to hidden in a project to try and create a full screen experience but the status bar still shows, in the preview window and the Creo player.

    Is this a known issue?

  8. Fri Jul 6 15:33:32 2018
    apt started the conversation 3D Touch app icon..

    Would be cool to expose the 3D Touch from a projects app icon to quickly access features from the home screen.

    At a basic level Creo apps should at least support the ‘Share app’ feature that all iOS apps support.


  9. Wed Jul 4 12:30:00 2018
    apt posted in PushNotifications.

    @marco Hi @mvandrei, glad to pre-announce that next beta will have OneSignal support for push notifications.

    Out of interest did this happen?

  10. Wed Jul 4 07:23:52 2018
    apt posted in Unable to debug an error.

    @marco @apt if you send me the project I would be more than happy to check it

    I can confirm that in the latest build (1.0.3) clicking an error in the debug window does now go to the code showing where the error was gerenated.

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