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    Fri Sep 21 08:11:43 2018
    Joy posted in Local Notifications.

    Thank you Marco, much appreciated!

  2. Thu Sep 20 19:46:24 2018
    Joy posted in Local Notifications.

    Hello marco! i see it's built in the new version now, wonderful. is there any documentation yet on this, how to use it?
    Also, can the notifications be set that the notifications run from the background?
    I can do it in xcode of course, but creo is so much cleaner: i cant wait for it to be even more functional (f.e. IAP & plugins) and cross platform, thanks!

  3. Fri Sep 7 06:19:50 2018
    Joy posted in alarm.

    Well, i would like to be able to make the phone play a sound and/or vibrate every xx minutes, between f..e. 9 to 5, also in the background.
    Is this possible?
    Thank you marco,

  4. Thu Sep 6 15:50:33 2018
    Joy started the conversation alarm.

    Is it possible to set the alarm?

  5. Thu Aug 23 10:22:16 2018
    Joy posted in Local Notifications.

    thank you, much appreciated.

  6. Wed Aug 22 15:35:05 2018
    Joy posted in Local Notifications.

    i have looked around, but need to be able to set local notifications (native reminder every 5mins on device).
    does anyone know this? thank you so much

  7. Sun Aug 19 07:44:04 2018
    Joy started the conversation Local Notifications.

    I would like to set local notifications. Is there a way to achieve this?
    Thank you!

  8. Sun Aug 19 07:14:15 2018
    Joy posted in Future pricing.

    Thank you Marco, and i wish you all the best with his then and send you power :-)

    I'm just re-emphasizing this, since as long as it's not added, it's "merely" a friendlier alternative for xcode and the huge cross-platform community (ionic/react native/etc) will stay away......and that would be a shame with such a wonderful piece of software! :-) It's so bellissimo.

  9. Sun Aug 19 06:55:54 2018
    Joy posted in extra tutorials.

    Is Firebase support planned Marco? An ETA?

  10. Sun Aug 19 06:55:06 2018
    Joy posted in Admob.

    Fantastic! I bet thousands and thousands of f.e. Ionic & React Native users would join here then.....a wonderful future Marco, great work, thank you so much.

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