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    Thu Jan 21 11:27:35 2016
    multimedial started the conversation Apple to build iOS development labs in Napoli.


    I don't know if it is related to your software (probably not), but I read this news bulletin this morning: (sorry, in german)

    Original press statement from Apple in English:

    It says that Apple is planning to set up an iOS development centre in Italy, in Napoli, in order to train and form app developers. Other centers in other european countries will follow.

  2. Wed Jan 20 03:26:49 2016
    multimedial posted in Tutorials.

    Great, looking forward to it.

  3. Tue Jan 19 21:15:54 2016
    multimedial posted in Creolabs Slack Channel.

    I am in as well

  4. Tue Jan 19 13:19:21 2016
    multimedial started the conversation iOS Creo app.

    Any chance to get the beta there? Would love to see my apps being wirelessly beamed onto my iPad...

  5. Tue Jan 19 13:09:00 2016

    OK, found it, built it, works, but I can confirm that any change to the endpoint does freeze the app.

    The Request property window is also empty whenever you try to reopen it.

    I put up my project for you to check out at

    Load it, then try to open the property window for the Request of the HttpClient - that freezes the environment + shows an empty window for the Request.

  6. Tue Jan 19 11:47:01 2016
    multimedial posted in Overview or Road Map somewhere?.

    Sorry, didn't read the readme, found some info in there ... :-)

  7. Tue Jan 19 11:40:48 2016


    where is the REST tutorial?
    Is it this one here?

    Is there a list of tutorials somewhere?

    Thanks in adavance,
    Christophe Leske

  8. Tue Jan 19 11:32:09 2016
    multimedial posted in Tutorials.

    Hi, I would like to second the suggestion for some sample apps. Can Creo create Mixed Apps, for phones and iPads?

    It would also be nice to have an uber demo app which shows off all the possibilities of the framework. That could also serve you for testing new code and check if it breaks anything... just my 2 cents.

  9. Tue Jan 19 11:30:26 2016
    multimedial started the conversation Suggestion for the Hello World tutorial.


    since it is named "Hello World", there should also be a label placed onto the second window with "Hello World" in it.

    Just saying... I understand that this is an introductory tutorial, but never is "Hello World!" actually to be read anywhere... :-)

    Also, some more elaborate sample projects would be nice, so that one could see how to set up things and apply best practices... I will add that to the Feature request discussion as well.

  10. Tue Jan 19 11:22:24 2016
    multimedial started the conversation Overview or Road Map somewhere?.


    is there like an overview of what is actually in Beta1? For instance, I tried to open up the Hello World application on my iPad. For that to work, I would probably have to have the CREO iOS App installed on it, right? And that one was announced for Beta2 if I am not mistaken?

    So in other words, how do we get to know what is implemented, and what not? Also applies especially to Gravity - is there a list of stuff that is supposed to be working and what is to be expected for later versions?

    Sorry if this is up somewhere on the site, I haven't seen it yet.

    Looks great so far,

    Christophe Leske
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