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    Sun Nov 17 20:35:09 2019
    ingurgite posted in HTTPRequest.

    Hi @andrea, but that means that I cannot easily change page from 0 to 1 as it was the case with the queryParameters array. I would have (as I am doing right now which is quite annoying) to use a RegEx to detect and replace in the URL. Right?

  2. Tue Nov 12 19:42:36 2019
    ingurgite started the conversation HTTPRequest.


    I am trying to create an HTTPRequest programmatically (without the IDE's help) that takes a query parameter (page = 0...N) to manage pagination. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to do it. Below is my code>

    var request = HTTPRequest(url)
    request.method = HTTPMethod.Get
    request.queryParameters = ["page": "0"]
    request.responseSerializerType = HTTPResponseSerializer.JSON

    The request works but no parameter is passed. I tried adding "?page=0" in the URL. It works but then I cannot manipulate the query parameters through a map. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?


  3. Tue Nov 12 19:36:03 2019
    ingurgite posted in Tap on Scrollable Text.

    Hi, coming back to you on this. An answer would be appreciated. Thanks.

  4. Sat Nov 2 23:01:55 2019
    ingurgite posted in Tap on Scrollable Text.

    Coming back to you @andrea, it works on a real device, but not in the simulator. In the simulator, it does not select the text either. Is that normal?

  5. Wed Oct 30 20:41:44 2019
    ingurgite posted in Tap on Scrollable Text.

    Thanks @andrea.

  6. Wed Oct 30 20:27:41 2019

    Hi @marco, this code is executed when the app launches, through the WillShow() event.

    What I want is to replace the current (default) window with a new one before it is displayed.

    Currently with the code I showed above, nothing happens. The window is never opened. If I put the code in DidShow() callback, it works however.

    Is there a reason?

  7. Tue Oct 29 20:23:21 2019
    ingurgite posted in Tap on Scrollable Text.

    Hi @marco, @andrea,

    I am coming back to you regarding this topic. It is still not working on a real iOS device. The double tap on a textView selects the whole text on a real iOS device while it triggers the Action() callback in the simulator.


  8. Tue Oct 29 20:15:32 2019

    Hi @marco,

    The SQL schema is not really relevant. All I want is, based on a value, to load a window instead of the default one. I cannot manage to do this. So far, what I have tried is to put the following code in the WillShow() event callback of the default window:

    var screen = "journal"
    if (screen == "journal")
    	console.log("HERE: opening journal")

    Unfortunately, nothing happens.


  9. Sat Oct 26 21:35:04 2019
    ingurgite posted in Changing Button Image.

    Thanks @andrea. I had tried that but it seems I had made a mistake.

    Thanks a lot.

  10. Tue Oct 22 22:39:40 2019
    ingurgite started the conversation Changing Button Image.


    I would like to programmatically change the image of a button when it is pressed. For an image, I can change its value through var.image = image.

    For a button, it seems that there is a notion of state. I've tried all the types of states and could not succeed. Also, it seems that there is no method to retrieve the current state of a button?


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