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    Wed Mar 27 17:17:05 2019
    cjp160 posted in Load a new URL in WebView.

    @andrea the second time I press a button the second URL is not loaded at all. The WebView doesn't seem to be updating the URL.

    Anytime I set the WebView URL from another window, it gets set to null for some reason. My fix was to expose a property in the WebView Window that is the "newUrl" and then set the WebView URL to that property whenever the WebView Window shows.

  2. Mon Mar 25 23:13:30 2019
    cjp160 started the conversation Load a new URL in WebView.

    I can't figure out how to force a WebView to load a new URL. In my settings page, I have two buttons that are suppose to open a window with a WebView that has different URLs loading. If I click the first button, that URL loads properly, but if I click the second button, the URL from the first button is still there and the web page hasn't reloaded.

    Whenever one of these buttons is pressed, I update the URL of the WebView, then when the Window is loading I reload the WebView (thinking that it would reload to its new URL). Is there a way to make this work?

  3. Tue Jan 22 18:51:51 2019
    cjp160 posted in Crash reports.

    @marco thanks for looking into this further. HTTP works just fine for us, so we are good to go. Thanks again for all the help.

  4. Fri Jan 18 00:45:13 2019
    cjp160 posted in Crash reports.

    @marco I tried running my app with Creo 2.0 and CreoPlayer 2.0 and the app still crashed (after 5.5 hours). I was running making HTTPRequests using HTTPS, and the version you tested used normal HTTP. Is there a possibility HTTPS still has a memory leak? I'm running the test again now using normal HTTP calls.

  5. Wed Jan 16 18:55:35 2019
    cjp160 posted in Crash reports.

    Thanks for the update @marco. Would it be possible to send me the version as it stands now so we can start our testing?

  6. Tue Jan 15 19:58:16 2019
    cjp160 posted in Crash reports.

    Hi @marco - just wondering if the release is still scheduled for today? Thanks

  7. Sun Jan 6 03:05:21 2019
    cjp160 posted in Crash reports.

    @marco Do you have a more precise date of when the update will be released? We'd like to plan our launch around it. Thanks!

  8. Fri Jan 4 01:15:22 2019
    cjp160 posted in Finding HTTPServer.

    @marco I'm circling back to this after awhile and still having troubles. I made the published name for the Bonjour service "PhoneServer" then tried posting an http request to "PhoneServer.local" but the address could not be found. Any suggestions?

  9. Fri Dec 21 13:27:51 2018
    cjp160 posted in Crash reports.

    @marco any update on this?

  10. Tue Dec 18 18:31:07 2018
    cjp160 posted in Crash reports.

    @marco that is great news! Is there any way to get that version sooner than mid-January?

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