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    Mon Mar 4 05:24:10 2019
    daninutero started the conversation option for how to handle null values in chartview.

    Currently null values in source datasets are treated as zeroes in chartview, which is pretty unfortunate for my current application. It would be great if we had the option for chartview to ignore null values and only plot non-nulls.

  2. Thu Feb 14 04:54:27 2019
    daninutero started the conversation Regular expressions in gravity.

    I know this sounds like a bit of a reach, but incorporating regular expressions into Gravity would be huge for any client-side validation we have to do.

  3. Thu Feb 14 04:20:15 2019
    daninutero posted in Flex as standard.

    Seconding this. Enabling flex for everything is a monotonous task.

  4. Thu Feb 14 04:18:54 2019
    daninutero started the conversation Allow control of textfield placeholder text font.

    Currently I have to use pre-entered text, instead of the more useful placeholder text, because placeholder text does not allow font control. See screenshot. This should change, and it seems like it would be pretty simple - just give the Contents > Placeholder property the same font control box you have in the Contents > Text property.

    See image for what I'm talking about - that first box has placeholder saying "Email".

  5. Thu Feb 14 04:03:55 2019
    daninutero started the conversation Keep text field in view when keyboard comes up.

    An option that moves the screen up to keep a focused text field in view when the keyboard comes up would be dope. I did a somewhat hacky job of it myself but it was so weird I ended up just moving the fields to the top 50% of the screen. Something that animates the motion (or whatever the normal best practice is here) without much creator input (just a checkbox) would be good.

  6. Thu Feb 14 04:01:38 2019
    daninutero started the conversation "Click off keyboard" for text inputs.

    Anything that triggers a keyboard to come up should have an option to "click off keyboard" so that users can tap anywhere else on the screen that is not a text input to dismiss the keyboard. Right now I'm doing this complicated dance with invisible buttons in each view positioned behind the text fields.

  7. Wed Feb 13 03:15:57 2019
    daninutero started the conversation Using drag-tool-thing creates ghost windows in OSX.

    See screenshots. Using drag-tool-thingy (like is used for populating objects in animation screen) creates weird ghost windows in OSX, and the only way to get rid of them is to cmd+Q creo.

  8. Mon Feb 11 01:29:42 2019

    Including amazon and Uber?

  9. Sun Feb 10 15:29:57 2019
    daninutero started the conversation Has anybody integrated third party payments?.

    I’m interesting in adding a simple Stripe payment for an app - basically just one off payments to test if apple will allow our idea through without using their expensive IAP. Has anybody tried this? I’m assuming it’s possible through https calls

  10. Sat Feb 9 05:57:19 2019

    Update: I guess it's because the "Frame relative to safe area" option is selected and dragging the view to full screen on the iPhone X puts it outside the safe area? So it's like, 110% of the safe area or something, and thus goes over the screen size when switching to iPhone 5?

    Anyways, I'm no longer a big fan of the relative-to-safe-area option. Also, the documentation on the Flex page is very confusing.

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