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    Mon Apr 15 21:52:14 2019
    konradkolasa posted in requestReview().

    @marco Cool, thanks! My colleague told me that Apple blocks this alert somehow, so I'm sure now I won't harry users too much. I'm wondering if I addict it to app launch count will it appear more than once or not – I mean if the user clicked "Not now".

  2. Thu Apr 11 21:23:55 2019
    konradkolasa posted in requestReview().

    @marco I'm wondering what happens if the user has already sent a Review. Does this alert pop up the same?

    I wanted to add a feature dependent on App.count and time, but I'd like to avoid harrying users that already made it. I could save the timestamp in DB and recall this popup for instance every 2 weeks, but it's necessary to know if the user already sent a review. Is there any way?

  3. Tue Apr 9 22:08:33 2019
    konradkolasa posted in Doer – simple to-do list.

    @marco Sure!

  4. Mon Apr 8 12:42:29 2019
    konradkolasa started the conversation Doer – simple to-do list.


    I think it's a time when I can to say proudly that my first app built with Creo is almost ready!
    You can read the story behind in this blog post "Building iOS apps made simple?"

    I've shared the source project for learning purposes on GitHub. Please use in accordance with attached license.
    Doer on GitHub

    Let me know, what do you think! I'm happy that I managed to finish this project more-or-less in the shape that I had in mind.

  5. Tue Apr 2 21:16:24 2019
    konradkolasa posted in requestReview().

    Rapid response, as always, thanks!
    I'll lock this feature for now in my test version until the new Creo is shipped.

    Just formally, this feature just pops up an alert with the stars and buttons to rate the app, am I right?

  6. Tue Apr 2 15:43:50 2019
    konradkolasa started the conversation requestReview().


    I'm facing an issue while using AppStore.requestReview(). Every time I call it in my app, it ends up with

    Runtime Error
    Unable to process bridge request because signature for method requestReview (selector requestReview) cannot be build.DidShow (MainNavigation)

    Did I do everything properly? Does it only work when app is downloaded from AppStore? When I released a beta through the TestFlight it happens the same.

  7. Thu Mar 21 20:09:15 2019
    konradkolasa posted in Styles for Alerts.

    Upvote. I'm facing this need either. I'd also like to emphasize DELETE action in the confirmation alert.

  8. Tue Mar 5 08:07:19 2019
    konradkolasa posted in Sections in Grouped TableView.

    @andrea Thanks!

  9. Sun Mar 3 11:07:51 2019
    konradkolasa started the conversation Sections in Grouped TableView.


    I'm trying to reproduce something similar to attached screenshot here: https://docs.creolabs.com/classes/TableView.html
    So I build TableView using Style: Grouped and I get the data from GridDataSet.

    I'm wondering how I can provide a section split because now everything goes to section 0. I don't see any chance to connect a column for instance, to control section number. I've tried to replace section parameter in WillShowCell() like:
    WillShowCell(cell, section, index) { section = index } to check if that works, but it didn't give me any effect.

    It that possible at all to split tableView into a few sections?

  10. Sun Mar 3 11:01:23 2019
    konradkolasa posted in Insert selected rows.

    @Joel_Eisenstat The first parameter must be an object of IndexPath type. The easiest way to build is to use function IndexPath(). Check https://docs.creolabs.com/classes/IndexPath.html in section Initializers.
    So something like TableView2.insertRows(IndexPath(0,1), translist, 100);

    Just remember that the second parameter must be a Map with content for this row. Keys should be the same like properties you use for populating cells (eg. identifier, Name...). More about Maps you can find here: https://docs.creolabs.com/gravity/map.html

    If you use insertRows() there's no need to reload the tableView after.

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