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    Fri May 24 21:00:02 2019
    HopkinWatson posted in Browser demo project doesn't work.. .

    thank you. there's a lot to learn here. I really like this project so far. Some other tools I've used export to Xcode and you build in there etc. I mistakenly assumed Creo worked the same way. I have the CreoPlayer and that works for now.
    thanks very much :)

  2. Fri May 24 19:56:31 2019
    HopkinWatson posted in Try Catch construct.

    I'd be happy with any type of error handler..

  3. Thu May 23 14:53:59 2019
    HopkinWatson started the conversation Browser demo project doesn't work.. .


    This is my first post. I just downloaded the trial - very excited.

    What I did first was created my own hello world app, and ran it in the IDE and it worked the way I wanted. ( click a button, set a label to "hello" ).. very basic.

    I exported the project, and ran it in Xcode Version 10.2.1 (10E1001) and it compiled ok, opened the simulator and the app loaded. when I clicked the button, nothing happened. No errors in the console either.

    So I assumed I did something wrong, after all, I've got about 1 minutes worth of experience with Creo lol.

    I found the browser demo - I read the tutorial , downloaded the demo and ran it in Creo. Worked fine. I exported the project, ran it with the same results as my own hello app. (I entered a URL, but the "go" button doesn't do anything, same as my own test app.)

    What did I do wrong?

    The tutorial doesn't show any Xcode steps, only running the app in the Creo IDE.

    I've attached the browser project I downloaded from the Creo website and also my own Hello app..

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