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  2. Sun Oct 27 12:39:52 2019
    luciandesign started the conversation Vector images?.

    Can I add vector images (like SVG or maybe PDF)?

  3. Sun Oct 27 12:38:08 2019
    luciandesign posted in Lottie animations.

    Hello... any news on lottie support?

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    Sun Sep 15 16:27:09 2019

    Thanks a lot!

  5. Sun Sep 15 16:25:24 2019
    luciandesign posted in Link on text with specific color.


    1. On a Button (here you can customize the style of the button) in the Action event you can use: App.openURL(url)
    2. On a Label set the Type property to: HTML and set the Text value to: <a style="color: #ededed;" href="">Creo</a>
  6. Thu Sep 12 09:27:13 2019
    luciandesign started the conversation Search in navigation bar.

    I want to display a search in navigation bar .. How can this be achieved? In the Creo Docs I've found "A search bar allows people to search through a large collection of values by typing text into a field. A search bar can be displayed alone, or in a navigation bar or content view. When displayed in a navigation bar, a search bar can be pinned to the navigation bar so it's always accessible, or it can be collapsed until the user swipes down to reveal it." ... but there is nothing clear on how to do this ..

  7. Thu Sep 12 09:25:57 2019
    luciandesign started the conversation How to close a modal without animation.

    I want to close a modal window without animation.
    Window.close() - it always animates the view

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